Blame the Police??? or choices and parenting??

What are your thoughts on it?
I think that she is a fat, dripping, no mark whore who is trying to lay blame everywhere but at her own door.

The way she talks does not garner my sympathies.

She spawned a whelp who could not make a sensible decision to save her life and, I believe, her mother was her role model.

What has happened to society?? Can peeps not govern their own lives anymore?
I she a Scouser? If not it doesn't matter
Personally I think it's tragic.

This is the worst attempt at starting a thread I have seen on this site, the OP should be ashamed and write out
"I must make more effort when starting threads" ten thousand times, longhand, in chalk, on the side of a west country shit house, as penance, before attempting to start another.


So many answers so little space

Down to parenting, choices the police in that order. I knew right from wrong as a sprog. My first option as plod with a young scrote was tell them to go home and fess up to their parents first then escalate it from their. Was stumped one time in the 80's when a 5yo said his parents hates pigs. For a many the role of parenting has been taken over by the tv. kids have little or no boundaries growing up, not all just the ones that seem to go wrong.

Sugar puffs make your piss smell better, even scarier eat a load of beetroot, then forget . It's a shocker when your your piss is bright red in the morning but quite funny when you remember what you ate the night before. To recreate event suggest using rohypnol for dessert.

For some reason scousers don't like being branded thieving even if you do say they are being funny when they do it. So to promote harmony I suggest a Scousers are law abiding day.

Lastly who do you have to wind up for a death threat
So many answers so little space

Lastly who do you have to wind up for a death threat

Tremble between your sheets 2nite MoFo, I'm fucking watching U!!!!
My Pleasure!
Death threats???

"I WILL find you AND I WILL kill you"


I need to be careful about what I write, for someone who would start such an awesome thread is not to be triffled with..

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