Blame 9/11- Found Wanting

With the anniversary about to be thrust upon us once more, the reverberations of that atrocity filter out each day and intrude on our lives as 'the need for increased security'.. well, the backlash is starting..

A Miami International Airport security screener has been charged with aggravated battery for 'allegedly' using an expandable police baton to beat an apology out of a co-worker. Police claim that Rolando Negrin [ 44] was enraged by the daily ribbing from workmates about the size of his genitalia. His body parts were observed during training on the airport's full body imaging machines. His colleagues reacted with a degree of professionalism critics of the device have often anticipated. Negrin ' could not take the jokes anymore and lost his mind ' said the Miami police report.. Bet Horatio took off his sunglasses over that at the CSI investigation..
Sounds like the co worker should have spotted when to back off.
Hey ho.
He won't be doing that again!

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