CSJay said:
In search of where i can get some blakeys for a size 12 parade shoe.

Best to get them done in a cobblers??

You can purchase them from E Bay. See Link:

E Bay for Blakeys

"Are they asking about Blakeys" asked Mrs Ex Stab, (She's from South of the River you understand. - and I don't mean the Trent...)
"He means Segs!" roared Ex Stab, settling back in a warm and self satisfied Midlands glow.
"You'll be arguing about cobs and rolls next" came the response.
"Watch it you!" said Ex Stab to his darling wife, "You wouldn't know a cob from a barm cake so don't get out of your depth!"
Slowly, his concentration returned to his pint of bitter; "Bloody Southerners" he muttered, under his breath....


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