Blakelock murder: new charges

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. Good. I hope they throw away the key if they catch the bastard (s).

  2. What like 99% of this sites members if a story about military wrong doing gets dug up.
  3. Let's wait and see, then!
  4. I reckon you are massively over-estimating the military connection of site members there! :)
  5. You Cynical Whiskybreath !!!

    Just where were you on the night of 6th October 1985 when you should have been down the Tank in Scotland Yard with the rest of us liaising with C13 and the SPG ?
  6. But he was subsequently convicted at a retrial in February this year

    "On a retrial in the Crown Court at Southwark before Mr Justice Saunders, concluding on 13 February 2012, Dizaei was again found guilty of perverting the course of justice and of misconduct in a public office. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment. On 15 May 2012 he was dismissed from the Metropolitan Police."
  7. Not at all - just a Tory who's on the point of decimating the military. Worse, I think you're a working class Tory.
  8. Exactly. Result.

    Point I was making is that the Guardian may be vaguely left-wing (VERY vaguely nowadays) but it doesn't necessarily give minorities an easy get-out, nor minimize the murder of a copper.
  9. Just a guess - at the Blair Peach Memorial Pipe Band inaugural meeting?
  10. This is why you don't slap/shout/sleep deprive confessions out of people.

    Guilty people walk.
  11. Bastards. I was in Zim, driving North to Harare and missing Cutaway who was driving South to Beitbridge and therefore unable to buy me a large quantity of Bolinger's at the mine bar. The last time someone officially asked me where I was on so-and-so night (the sorry day that 220 was raided at Castlereagh :chef:) I was in East Kalimantan and could prove it, so there.

    And I've never been 'working class'. Upper-lower-middle class Fascist peasant, possibly.

    (That Graun article was as apologetic and sympathetic to the Copper Coloured Coppers Club as it was possible to be; hardly objective reporting at its best...)