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Blair's War Manifesto

Ignore the WMD, the things that the Iraqi leadership do to their own people should be enough to warrant action.  If Iraq was 2000 miles closer to us than it is then we'd have attacked them years ago for what goes on there.


If it was 2,000 miles closer maybe the tanks and the rifle might work.... can we e-mail Sadam and ask him to meet us half way?  Or better still in France,  always been a good place to have a scrap, just ask the sausage-guzzlers.  

AND (he said, rising to the moment) if we hold the punch-up in France, then perhaps the Frogs might get involved....not sure which side though, what's the Artabic for "Vichy"?



Just heard that the Italians have surrendered just in case and the Poles have offered to host the war on condition that Saddam fights his way through Russia first.  As for the French who cares what a nation that takes 95% of its medicines in the form of suppositories and whose women have hairy armpits thinks about anything.  "Waiter have you got frog's legs? Oui Monsieur  Good, well hop off and bring me a F**k off big stake"

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