Blairs use of 32 Squadron.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Well this one is interesting. Tony as we all well know thinks he owns the Aircraft of 32 Squadron (Queens Flight)

    Here is something I found under the Freedom of informtion act:

    18 Oct 2000 BAe 146 Heathrow - Glasgow £1,194.00!!!! Thats what it cost the tax payer.

    Now below is what BA will charge for the exact same journey:

    £ 80.70
  2. To be honest that is a sterilised answer anyway as trust me; landing fees alone for a major airfield like Glasgow are far higher than £1194...

    The danger with FOI is they only have to give an answer, unless the question is clearly specified then the answer can be quite vague or as in this instance a "per passenger figure".

    I will not even start on crew costs etc!
  3. What, and if you were PM you'd travel bucket class with some Glaswegian chavs ?............yeah right.
  4. I don't much like Blair et. al.

    However I think the PM, of whatever political hue, is entitled to an aircraft. We are a wealthy G8 country, our PM is a terrorist target etc, it really shouldn't be a problem.

    The hangers-on, however, should pay every penny back.
  5. For all his pish, he's still the prime minister of the united fcukin kingdom, what do you expect him to travel on - a bus? Try and get out a bit more mate.
  6. He could have driven...
  7. ^ Er, to Baghdad or South Africa?
  8. Did you actually ask this under FOI?? 8O

    The Times did a an article on this in their Tuesday (11/04/06) paper.
  9. No, London to Scotland. Thats where his flight was from/to. And I meant to say he could have been chauffeured.
  10. Nope, Just go to the MoD Website. Its all there in pdf format.
  11. No, he should go to Argos and buy a budget bike, thats what we will be riding soon if he lets petrol prices rise much more!!!
  12. I cannot believe this commie-undertone chit chat, he is the bloody PM of our country you trossers. He should be seen travelling in the best possible transport this country can offer, and if it costs a couple of quid what ?. This does not apply to Fatty Prescott and all the other mongs though !
  13. What was the aircraft going to be doing if it didn't fly?

    The pilots got air time, which they sometimes get by just flying around with no pax.

    This is a no brainer.
  14. The only issue I have with the point raised is that, IIRC, a couple of years ago Tony and his halfwits were talking of getting rid of the Queens flight (why should the monarchy ride around at taxpayers expense and the usual claptrap) then about a year later they were talking about having their own version of 'Airforce 1' just for the PM's use - double standards from the Labour party, surely that must be a first
  15. can't see why a glaswegian chav should have his buckfast spoilt by having to set next to the widemouth frog :twisted:
    though why Marget becket rates a flight :roll:
    if they want to fly crab and the aircrew need the hours shove them in the back of a typhoon and throw a few air combat manovers :twisted: 6g will cure them of freeloading :twisted: