Blair's unpaid taxes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Grubby Bum III, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. Compared with Blair, Bankers are just a bunch of amatuers when it comes to tax.
  2. I seem to remember a Private Eye story from quite a few years back alleging that Saint Tony and his one-eyed sidekick re-wrote the tax laws on multiple companies/trusts/etc. The final legislation was apparently so complex as to be completely impossible to disentangle. It was sugested at the time that this might suit anyone who in the future might want to benefit from consultancy and speaking engagements.

    In the mean-time little people, don't forget to fill in your tax returns on time and don't get caught trying to save a few pennies!
  3. The only thing about this that is surprising is that nobody will be surprised.

    The man is so morally crooked, you could use his spine as a safety-pin.
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  4. ****ing Brilliant!
  5. Not surprised at all. The bloke is a slimey ****....and a member of the Labour party. Nowt more can be said.
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  6. It's amazing, would you all be more outraged if he relied on the UK to provide his income? Perhaps he should live in a small miner's terrace in the North East, wearing nothing but sackcloth and ashes?

    Whilst I may not agree with some of his decisions, the rank hypocrisy of many who criticise him continues to amaze me.
  7. Hypocrisy? So his critics are all former politicians who are now earning millions as shills for American banks, in between grovelling to bloodthirsty dictators, are they?
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  8. Whilst receiving millions of pounds worth of protection at the public expense whilst he continues in his money-making endeavours.
  9. I'm disguted with the odious turd on a number of levels…

    Having made a complete ****ing horlicks of the UK, the cnut spends nearly all his time larging it like a King abroad on some as yet undisclosed coin while we pay for a comprehensive and very expensive security screen around the cnuts pied a terre in London.

    The little shit was bloody quick to rush us into wars on a nod from the US and seems to be making out like a bandit on very lucrative Directorships and 'advisory' roles from 'think tanks' and insitutions that have done very nicely from said adventurism.
  10. I wouldn't be outraged at all if he live in ashes and sackcloth. And covered the WMF in something that covered her smug chops. And moreover I don't really give a sh1t how much he makes using his former connections. I work abroad and don't pay tax on my Primary Income. BUT I do pay tax on my military pension and I do pay Corporation Tax on my family business and I do pay income tax on my drawings from the business. I pay the going rate. So should he.

    Is he classed as resident in the UK I wonder?
  11. As opposed to the hypocrisy of a socialist hero using every trick in the book to get rich "on the backs of others" and pay as little tax as possible?
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  13. I believe that in common with most modern poilticians, his spine is missing presumed absent along with any sense of honour and duty

  14. Inclined to agree ..... quote from an earlier post of mine on a similar thread ....