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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabby, May 29, 2006.

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  1. Old Mr Blair has had a few heart scares hasn't he? Got me thinking... Has anyone just tried walking up behind him and shouting "boo"?

    Any suggestions for other ways?
  2. Wooden stake through it? Wait, that's just for Vampires. Better just stick with a silver bullet in the head.
  3. Either would be sufficient, but then I'm e :D asily pleased
  4. The heart condition he has is the same that Dad has had for around 20 years, so by itself it won't kill him.

    A bullet flying out the muzzle of a Drugunov on the other hand... :twisted:
  5. Crabby, you normally stick up for Neu Arbeit, whats going on?
    Have you joined BLiars secret police in order to entrap Arrsers :?:
  6. didn't know the c~nt had one!
  7. Crabby, am I about to get a visit from some very angry men in some very dark suits?
  8. I'm tired and I've spent the entire day with a friend gloating about how I'm a socialist really (we had a very very long politics talk when drunk on friday (don't worry, we moved onto women, beer, football etc) and as he's in a good position to say so, being more communist than Marx or Trotsky it's got to me. Therefore I'm on a backlash against all Tony's lefty policies, and ignoring any of his (many) right policies. Bl**dy hippies... :twisted:
  9. Just bought the corner shop out of tinfoil... Death Rowums send a courier round I have some spare!
  10. Doubtful, they're all currently busy performing intense surveillance on all those who are suspected of being involved in calling police horses gay :twisted:
  11. I've got one of those Dozy! Shall I load it with cocaine or heroin? :D :D :D

  12. :oops: :lol: D'oh! Mongy fingers hit the wrong key!
  13. *clutches chest and falls over*

    You got me, I'm blair... I curse you with my last dying typing errorrror....