Blairs son...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. yes with no training

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  2. yes with training

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  3. yes

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  4. No, because he'll end up with the only set of body armour

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  1. I think that Bush's poodle Blair, as he is so keen on keeping our lads in iraq should show his committment by having his son rushed through basic training and then wangle a posting for him to the hotspots in Iraq and Blair's wide mouth frog of a wife should be serving the lads a cup of char and a wad from the Toc H van in the front line.

    In fact all the labour tossers should have their offspring serving the country in the front line.

    (does the Toc h still exist ?, or am I showing my age)
  2. Now thats a fine idea :D bring it on!
  3. Didn't you know, the Liars boy is due to spend his gap year in Basra... no honest..... its straight for the SpinOffice HMG :roll:
  4. Has Euan expressed an interest in joining the Army? I think there was some talk of it a while ago.
  5. I was talking about Leo! Euan is too preoccupied with marching upand down Whitehall for the Peace army.
  6. A nice idea, but I would not inflict Letter-Box Gob on anyone, let alone the Army.
  7. Besides I think Shereeee is too busy working for the Iraqis who are suing the Government: her Chambers (Matrix, leading human rights specialists) are representing them I believe :evil:
  8. Captainplume, a valid point.

    With regard to Wallace (from Wallace and Grommit AKA Shereeeee AKA letterbox gob AKA minger). With her representing the Iraqis in their human rights quest, could we potentialy see her calling her hubby up in the dock? Now that I would love to see.

    How did this country get so fcuked up?
  9. THAT rhetorical question deserves it's own thread :roll:
  10. Remember this? New Labour - New Britain
  11. A new britain thats falling down around its knees. The good news is,starting on the 10th we can all start changing this. But this is probally the wrong place to start this one off, much more fun slagging the liars frog of a wife.
  12. IMO the Tories got to arrogant and greedy, this let the commie pinko bedwetting tree hugging bleeding heart New Labour tossers in, from that moment on we were doomed and the human rights act sealed our fate.

    Blair and his cronies are unable to run the country and are set on destroying Great Britain and turning it into a 3rd world craphole.
  13. To be fair, at least Euan would stand a chance of passing compulsary drug testing, unlike certain other ministerial offspring!

    I wonder how many Labour MPs have ever served (apart from Prescott serving drinkies) never mind their children?

  14. I think the offsprang of both Blair and Bush should each be stripped naked, paraded through Gitmo, and given a one week free time share in a nice cage. No need to give them the Tiger Cage treatment ("At least at Abu Ghraib the inn keepers allowed the inmates out for a little sex and recreation from time to time." - Ensign Flag Parker), just a little John Ashcroft and GW Bush Christian luvin'.

    Who knows, when the offsprang are sprung in a week it might actually help cut through the fog of war in both Afghanistan and Iraq, n'est pas?

    Hand out digital cameras, sat phones, and popcorn all around with some of that fine Scotish stuff you all rave about on the side.
    Shake and bake . . .
  15. Hark at him. If you want to see a country that is really falling down around it's knees, go to f*cking Somalia. :roll: