Blairs response to ID card petition.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Along with many others I signed up to the Anti- ID card petition on the No. 10 website.

    Today I (and no doubt several thousand others) received this response:
    I don't suppose he'll get to see my response but for the benefit of everyone else, here it is:

    I'm reminded of the policy of "re-education" in George Orwell's 1984 - (the new labour handbook.)
  2. passports are expensive enough as they are atm without the addition of questionable 'security' features to bump up the price
  3. I got exactly the same email, and here was me thinking that he was concerned about my concerns so much that he wanted to write to me.

    Oh well!

  4. Still, you've got to admit that Tony's listening to us, and makes a great effort to respond in a democratic and caring way.
  5. No, he's not listening to us. He's just using the petition to indentify the dissenters so he target/market his b*llshit agenda. He had no intention of changing his mind for a second.
    He no doubt thinks that these are the only 28000 people that disagree, same as the hacks that have suggested that only 1.5 million who signed up for the road pricing one are the only small majority that disagree there. That said even if it had been 31million names he would still have thought he knew best. If King Tony's rule had been a few centuries ago he would have been thrown in the tower for all his misadventures. I am constantly staggered that with all the technological potential we have for a referendum system, like switzerlands, he's actually using diplomatic tools like this petition to just collect together an email mailing list for his unique brand of political re-education. Shocked and awed? Sad thing is have come to expect it now.

    Ps. its ok whiskeybreath - did get your sarcasm. Wasnt it...?
  6. How?????

    As long as there is systematic failures within the Home Office and with Immigration Control, this high tech expensive system will fail to deliver. Effort should be to get the fundamental policies right first.

    The nation was lied to yet again. This was a voluntary scheme, but the Government introduced legislation requiring individuals to have a National Identity Card to obtain a passport. This in effect changes the context of the word voluntary!!!

    I would like to know where he has dug these figures out from. I would imagine it would be comparative in cost to the passport, about £80.00. The 10 year life is in doubt due to "age changes" effecting biometric information. Five years has been stated by professional biometric firms.

    Not the Bin Laden bogeyman again. I`m surprised WMD hasn`t been mentioned. And easier to track movement, transactions etc. The surveillance society.

    Hope this is not inept, as the latest DNA scandal has proved!!! I hope this is not as one sided as the Brussels agreement to share DNA information between countries seeing as the UK has the largest DNA database in the world.

    Why are politicians afforded celebrity status for there offspring on a "more secure" childrens database than you or I?????

    Just a few comments on the opening paragraphs of Bliars response. Quite frankly, I have not read it any further as I have never heard such a bigger bunch of lies since reading the Labour Party manifesto or listening to Hoon stating the "troops had enough kit" to the convincing "Iraq has loads of WMD" sexed up dossier.

    Arrogant excuse of a man, who treats the electorate with disdain.
  7. +1

    Just because he got some staffer to write a form letter out doesn't mean he gives a toss. It take far more to convince him then 28000 people signing a petition.