Blair's phantom WMDs - the real int is online . . . somewhere

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Clocked this Indie frontpager today:

    Tony Blair and Iraq: The damning evidence - UK Politics - UK - The Independent

    Aside from telling me what I have known since Spring 2002 - that Tony is a f#ckin' liar - it says that [redacted] intelligence documents which prove his enthusiasm for porky pies have been published (albeit quietly) online.

    It does not provide a link to them, and my skills as a Google ninja have been proven to be woefully inadequate.

    Anyone out there on Arrse care to shame me by posting the required linky?
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    if its redacted though then it wont have anything on it.

    if anyone has it then it will be wikileaks or the site the ex leaks lot were going to set up
  3. According to the Indie and B'Liars spokes-creatures it is [discreetly] out there courtesy of HMG.

    I want an HMG link.

    British soldiers died for a lie of the government of the time: I'm a bit miffed that the succcessor administration is only marginally less keen than its predecessor, to have illuminated, the myth that drove the killing.
  4. All I can find is a re-hash of The Indy story.Give it a few days,it will surface somewhere.
  5. When you say you're a " bit miffed " with the successor admin etc I take it you mean you would like to kick Cameron in the groin - whereas you would like to kick Bliar in the groin and then jump up and down on his head ?

    If so - I am a bit miffed too.

    Conniving, fcuking liars the lot of them.
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  6. Oooh "B'Liar" , "Camoron"..............just waiting on "Torygraph" or something similar for bingo
  7. The Indescribablyboring ? The grauniad ? Daily Getsworse ?
  8. Exactly. nothing new here...move along the bus now.
    We've heard it all before and I doubt if names will ever be released.

    Before the middle of 2002, "Iraq had been relatively low down the scale of preoccupations" in terms of WMD, according to one MI6 officer in evidence to the inquiry. In the months after Mr Blair's return from Texas, the secret services came under pressure to come up with intelligence to support a move to war.

    MI6 was "on the flypaper of WMD", and had no appetite for war, admitted another officer, SIS4. "Those of us who had been around [redacted] knew perfectly well what a disaster for countless people a war was going to be." Another MI6 officer, SIS1, described the "handling" of Curveball, the Iraqi source whose claims of mobile chemical weapons laboratories were subsequently exposed as lies, and the "marketing" of the intelligence as "awful".

    IIRC curveball was a taxi driver in Baghdad! or in other words made up. It's a bit like the papers quoting " a government source"
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  9. Anyone with a lick of wit knew at the time that the case for war was faked and that the war was illegal. They also knew that Blair and co. would get away with it.
  10. Do a word search on the page, son. You're the one who introduced "Camoron" to it. Put your bingo dabber away and hie thee to Specsavers.
  11. The evidence mentioned in the Independent story will almost certainly be on the Chilcot Iraq Inquiry website here: Iraq Inquiry

    Specifically, transcripts of evidence sessions taken in private are here:
    Private Evidence

    If you can't wait for Chilcot you will need to look in those areas.

    I am not so sure about comments like "nothing to see here" or "it's all been redacted". There is a huge amount of genuine information there from which, at least, lessons can be learned. Other inquiries have been far less critical than this one might be - but we'll have to wait and see.

    Personally, what I have seen so far has been slightly more reassuring than I expected about the actions of officials such as SIS and the military. Of course they would ensure that their more accurate prophecies would find their way to the Inquiry!
  12. Wasn't there a German spy in WW2 who invented a spy ring to bump up his expenses a bit. But whereas Berlin may have believed in a Glasgow source obtaining info over a glass of wine ... MI5 spotted the wong'n right off the peg.

    "Chep here writing about a source who is a wine drinker from Glasgow."

    "Oh Carruthers you've spotted an ad hoc comment begad"

    "There was a fella in the back of me cab the other day. Said we got weapons of mass destruction in slow moving vehicles moving round the country. I says that has the ing a truth about it and no mistake. Slow moving lorries on the M1 been causing chaos. That'll be the WMD lorries. That's why they govt is encouraging more motorway services. Cos they can get to a service area to fire them within forty minutes"