Blairs Legacy: A Coastal navy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. The Blair government is about to gut the famous Royal Navy by about 50%. In addition the Navy is under funded and under manned. The UK would not be able to conduct a Falklands type amphibious operation, which may explain the Argentine attitude.

    A very sad state of affairs indeed.
  2. Scrap it in its entirety. That way any embarrassing international incidents can be avoided. Job's a good un.
  3. I wonder what the point is in ordering carriers in future, if we don't have any escorts for them. A wonderful target for anyone toting a cruise missile that will be, won't it?
  4. It's a shocking state of affairs, we will have halved the number of warships that we had at the time of the Falklands (I believe). Given that we are the fourth of fifth largest economy in the world I cannot understand how this can happen.
  5. I will have to take this up with my MP!
  6. Well, the Iranians have certainly spotted the RN's capability gap.........
  7. that would be there 'incapability' gap

    *I'll get my coat*
  8. Regarding the Carriers i've never thought that they would be built.The last real carriers that the RN were supposed to have were scrapped by Labour in the 60's(cva-01).
    I'm just at a loss to understand Govt thinking on this.At a time when we need strong defences and a presence around the world The Navy is besically being dismantled as a major part of our power projection.
    Where does all the money go,the Govt is awash with taxpayers money.At a dangerous time in the world and with China arming at a rapid rate,North Korea becoming a Nuclear state,we're disarming!!
    A real "legacy" for Bliar and one that Brown will make even worse!
  9. Who's advice are they listening too? There must be some high ranking Navy Officer sat on their shoulders whispering into thier ears. Or perhaps the Army or the RAF are taking out the Navy from the knees down.

    Just watch the Argy step up the beligerence. Does Liabour intend apologising to Argentina for the war and perhaps in way of recompense...handing them the islands?
  10. Hey, yeah but guys - yoiu know, this Government thing, the Tories, well it all takes time, education education education and tough on the causes of crime. We have a long term program and short term ministers, there will be no corruption - sleaze! The army knows it can have 100% of what it needs!
  11. The frightening thing isn't Tony Bliars legacy to the military but Gordon Clowns when he loses the next election in 2 years time.
  12. My Nan is a carrier!
  13. Throw these greedy spin obsessed self serving cnuts out of office at the next election, at least the tories will take 3-6 years to be so greedy and self serving where the country might get a little better.

    Oh i forgot, that can't happen becuase like a good drug pusher Lab has made half the nation dependant on their benefits/public sector non-jobs and are vested in the sinking ship.
  14. That would be news to the Navy Adama, seeing as The Ministry of Defence is planning to get a variation of the JSF for use by the Royal Navy on two future aircraft carriers.. This article only three months old