Blairs latest deportation rules!

Has Blair got it right for once?

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Well for someone who thinks Blair is a total Cnut, I think he might have got something right for once!! The French tossers have been deporting radicles and muslim extremists for ages now without a problem in there human rights constitution. Why not us!!! Lets face it if the extremist has been deported to his country of birth, it would be very hard for him to blow up a tube train in London or insite others to do it. Plus by being deported back to some crap whole they may realise that the UK gave them alot more freedom than where they are fighting for. If they are like the tossers who have been brought in to the UK as a dependant at an early age, then they too should be deported to their country of birth and see what they are missing ethiopia or North Africa. I look forward to seeing the deportation statistics go through the roof!!!!!!!!!
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