Blair's immunity from prosecution over the Iraq War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Andy Farman, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. I've only just read this. I'm a lefty and proud of it. I loathe to my very core Thatcher and Cameron. There are many things I will level at them. Lying to the entire nation in order to engage in one of the most fruitless campaigns of self aggrandisement is not one I can level at either of them.

    Blair lied to get a nation to go to war. Whatever the colour of their tie I would hope that a group of veterans of that war would never, ever let a PM forget that.
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  2. I doubt that anyone ever accused Tony Blair of being left wing. That aside, I understand that the justification for invading Iraq in 2003 was a great big porky. Politicians lie, it's their default position. I think Blair's prime motivation was to keep in good with the Septics. Cameron can certainly be accused of that also. Remember his horror when the Commons voted down his plan to overthrow Assad at the behest of Barry and Hil?
  3. The lefty bit was to point out that I am of a different Political perspective than most on here. Cameron misread the political tealeaves. Not for the first time it turned out......
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  4. That's correct Blair was not a socialist but he was good at riding the wave of popular themes that resonated with the public, especially after the grey years of john Major.Nobody who voted for him noticed his messiah complex, he had that zeal that drew people to him and allowed a cohort of hangers on to push his message along. Iraq was a result and despite what has previously been said here, the best way to push any conviction is from the point of the numbers of deaths in Iraq ,without of course forgetting US/UK combatants,as a result of the half truths and blatant untruths that were peddled. Even at the Iraq inquiry he tried to push the line of he did what he believed was right at the time(and his God told him it was) but he still can't reconcile what he actually caused with what he said. I know that George Galloway is not liked on this forum but his film The Killings of tony Blair goes a long way to explian Blair's reasons for doing what he did by showing what he has managed to achieve since then.
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