Blair's immunity from prosecution over the Iraq War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Andy Farman, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. look at injuries not just deaths, then add in the civis injured and killed.

    edited to add I still dealt with more injury after the actual combat phase, and the only (allied) death i had was after the combat phase. More injury (from my perspective) was related to pointless and badly run live fire exercises afterwards when safety was thrown out of the window as 'we've done it for real, we know what we are doing'
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  2. GW1 - covered by a UNSCR. Main opposition in the UK from the likes of CND, Tony Benn et al

    Cameron - Libya just about covered by a UNSCR; fact that the dear Colonel was a loony who was held to be responsible for a 747 landing on Lockerbie, plus the murder of Yvonne Fletcher, plus evidence that he was intent on killing lots of his own people meant that there was a fair degree of 'Meh!' amongst the public.

    Blair - don't forget that, on the whole, he was doing OK up until 2003. People saw the point of Kosovo (apart from the likes of CND, et al)¹.

    Ditto Sierra Leone - brutal civil war, dreadful massacres, memories of Rwanda still fresh. Peacekeeping a good thing. Some uppity, violently deranged locals take British troops hostage. Said locals are jolly unpleasant and say rude things about HM the Queen. Nation generally applauds as members of 1 PARA plus some gentlemen with a boathouse of uncertain colour teach them some manners. Afghanistan - yes, fair enough in the eyes of most of the public: UNSCRs, AQ clearly a vile lot (who'd murdered several hundred Brits on 9/11), help Uncle Sam sort them out.

    Then he bodged it all over Iraq.

    ¹ I say CND, since much of the public voice against these ops came from them, before Stop The War appeared on the scene (with a not inconsiderable cross-over between the two, I think it's fair to say).
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  3. We have all pretty much been saying that for the last ten years, are you saying he is the living dead?
  4. Probably the only thing he has not been accused off.
    He certainly looks like one (if they existed).
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  5. Don't know about now, but he certainly had the black on Goldsmith (Attorney General) over his advice on legality of the war.
    On 30th January 2003 it would apparently be an illegal war, but on 7th March was suddenly legal after all.
    Nothing changed factually between those dates at all, just his finely tuned legal mind, obviously.
    Absolutely nothing to do with Goldsmith being over the side with a lady QC and others at all.
    That would have cost him a few bob at the time.
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  6. There are plenty of anonymous, neutral, non political people with access to those 'secret documents'. It would be easy to try Blair and where he relies on any evidence which is 'secret' an intermediary can decide if there is sensitive information and if the bits of that information relating to the charges are sensitive and if they make a difference.

    Put the guy on trial already.
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  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    1. GW1 was about rectifying an attack on a UN-recognised sovereign state

    2. The only reason Cameron isn't being pilloried on this thread is because it's about Blair, not Cameron. While the immediate attack on Libya didn't cause any Brit casualties (to my knowledge, I stand to be corrected?) this PM ego trip was a crashing exhibition of naivety and ignorance and has unleashed unbelievable ghastliness on the West in the form of terrorism and a channel for million of unwanted migrants.
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  8. Three civilians raped at Bassingbourn though.
  9. Good points. Although I've yet to see Cameron on other threads attract the same level of visceral hatred as Blair does on all threads.

    I would say that the migrant crisis and the route through Libya were caused more by the war in Syria (and the western desire to overthrow Haddad) and by the ousting of Gadaffi in Libya than by the war in Iraq. Cameron is getting off light in my opinion.
  10. The Arab Spring coming home to roost.
  11. Yes indeed thank you Barry, Hillary (thank Christ she lost), Dave and the less well known mongs who thought spreading the light of freedom and democracy to the Middle East and North Africa was a good idea.
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  12. That would be Jesus, according to the bible.
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  13. That would be a step down from who he thinks he is.
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  14. And an inquest that would conclude that he died of an overdose, even though he had nothing worthy of the title, drugs, in his blood or stomach.

    A fitting end.

    Maybe we should have a thread entitled the Tony Blair Epitaph thread?
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  15. NSP

    NSP LE

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