Blairs fight to keep his oil cash secret

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Former PM's deals are revealed as his earnings since 2007 reach £20million.

    Tony Blair waged an extraordinary two-year battle to keep secret a lucrative deal with a multinational oil giant which has extensive interests in Iraq.

    The former Prime Minister tried to keep the public in the dark over his dealings with South Korean oil firm UI Energy Corporation.
    Mr Blair - who has made at least £20million since leaving Downing Street in June 2007 - also went to great efforts to keep hidden a £1million deal advising the ruling royal family in Iraq's neighbour Kuwait.
    In an unprecedented move, he persuaded the committee which vets the jobs of former ministers to keep details of both deals from the public for 20 months, claiming it was commercially sensitive. The deals emerged yesterday when the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments finally lost patience with Mr Blair and decided to ignore his objections and publish the details.

    News of the secret deals fuelled fresh accusations that Mr Blair is 'cashing in on his contacts' from the controversial Iraq war in what one MP called 'revolving door politics at its worst'.
    They will increase concerns that Mr Blair is using his role as the West's Middle East envoy for personal gain.
    The revelations also shed fresh light on his astonishing earnings, which include lucrative after-dinner speaking, consultancies with banks and foreign governments, a generous advance for his forthcoming memoirs, as well as the pension and other perks he enjoys as a former Prime Minister.

    The full extent of his income is cloaked in secrecy because he has constructed a complex web of shadowy companies and partnerships which let him avoid publishing full accounts detailing all the money from his commercial ventures.

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  2. So this should not be really surprising. The man always was a 'Grinning Spiv', and never a Socialist in the sense of 'Working Class' socialism. Blair just used the Labour Party as a vehicle for his own climb up the greasy pole of society. The man is (allegedl of course), a two-faced Snake Oil Salesman of the Wild West variety.

    As for the tangle of companies to hide his earnings (alleged of course). What is all this about except to try and possibly avoid paying full taxes on his ill gotten gains here in the UK. What's the betting some of these companies have been 'Offshored' for the purpose of reducing his taxes. Just like any other politician. And here's most of the current Labour leadership (Mr Mandelson especially) bleating about Lord Ashcroft. Oh dear me. It's a case of 'Pot, Kettle, Black'
  3. If he dies of old age, I will know there is no such thing as natural justice.
  4. To be fair they are all as bad as each other though I suspect Tony is just smoother than many of the others. One good thing is that I don't expect Brown will have many friends left to give him money by the time he leaves office.
  5. Well, well, well - the 'Ashcroft' of New Labour.

    The difference being Ashcroft GIVES money to a cause he believes in and Bliar - the original grinning spiv - TAKES and milks his 'cause' for all it is worth!

    Apart from the addled oaf Brown, Bliar is without doubt the worst prime minister this sad and dejected country has ever had to suffer.

    A man who endured a thousand unkind, vicious and largely undeserved attacks whilst is power is daily shown up to be a paragon of virtue and decency by the filth that succeeded him. I refer to Sir John Major KG, CH.

    The aberration of mind he suffered by 'bonking' the unappetising Edwina pales into total insignificance on the 'Naughtiness Scale' in comparison to the shady and lurid activities of the current bunch of third-rate no-hopers currently ruining our country.
  6. Its nice to know all the bribes have been paid in full, for that cnut taking us into a war, and of course it shows what a F***ing lying load of crap he said to the Iraq inquiry
  7. Ah, that UI energy:

    "UI Energy Corporation is undertaking oil development business in Iraq through strategic business development where Korean companies had trouble in the past. When the global consortium for oil development of North Kurdistan region, Iraq, is established as Iraqi oil law is approved, the participation of UI Energy Corporation is determined and only the final finishing touch is remained."

    Of course

    "Virginia Global Energy Consultants, U.S.A, which has influence and experiences in the petroleum and natural gas exploration and development in Iraq, and Challenger Mineral Inc., which is a 100% subsidiary company of Global Santa Fe listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), are our global affiliated companies who are our partner to promote our energy development in the Middle East and North America."

    Should have done a bit more sniffing about that one before taking the dosh, Tony:

    "Remember Samir Ambrose Vincent (aka Sam Vincent), the Saddam agent turned FBI fink?

    Well, since tattling to the feds, and consequently being sentenced to probation and a $300,000 fine last April in return for his cooperation, Vincent has been trying to get back into the Iraqi oil business.

    To that end, he’s established Virginia Global Energy Consultants (VAGEC), with offices in the DC area, Amman, Istanbul and Baghdad.

    Vincent fessed up to performing many services for the Iraqi intelligence service, the mukhaberat, to which he was vouched for by Nizar Hamdoon, a school friend and one of the original members of Jihaz Haneen, the embryo of the Ba’ath’s murder machine. One job that Vincent allegedly did was to ‘mule’ around hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to bribe United Nations officials as part of what came to be known as the ‘Oil-for-Food’ scandal."

    "But that’s not the most offensive part of this whole thing. What’s really offensive are who his partners are: Steve Solarz (former Democratic congressman from New York, advisor to VAGEC), Nick Veliotes (former U.S. ambassador to Egypt and Jordan, Vice President of VAGEC), Frank Carlucci (former Secretary of Defense under Reagan, Director of Vagec), and Jeffrey Smith (GC of the CIA under Clinton, General Counsel for VAGEC).

    Excuse me?

    These guys couldn’t find anyone less radioactive than Vincent to partner up with?"
  8. I rarely if ever use the word 'hate' but in this case I hope Blair dies a lingering, very painful death...... soon.
    It's the very least this hated creature deserves.
  9. He is without doubt one of the most despicable scrotes ever to have held power in this country.

    I would even say he is the worst PM, ethical wise, this country has ever had.

    Never wish ill on people but this bloke deserves a slow lingering death.

    Utter cnut!
  10. Just to make you all happy: Blair is refusing to respond to questions about his tax status: he is now widely believed to be a "non-dom"...

    ...Just like his mate Lord Paul and (not so much a mate) Lord Ashcroft.

    I love socialists.
  11. I wonder where that cnut pays his tax?
  12. Tax? Tax is how the little people reward the annointed ones.
  13. So it was God who told him to go to war, the Great God of Greed, what a piece of shite, after all the BS he told Fern Britten and Chillcot the cnut
  14. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    A true champion of Socialism. Bet Broon is envious.
  15. Surely there's a criminal law on the books he can prosecuted under and at least one police officer brave enough to apply it ?