Blair's Father in Heaven

Tony Blair's Father dies and goes up to heaven. St. Peter is on the gate and lets him in. As they are not very busy St.Peter asks Tony Blair's Father if he would like a guided tour. He replies that he would appreciate a tour.
After visiting a few clouds and the harp factory, St. Peter takes him into the Great Hall. The first thing he notices is that every inch of the walls are covered with large clocks.
Being somewhat surprised, he asks St.Peter what the purpose of all the clocks is for?
St. Peter replied. "Every person who is alive or has ever lived has their own clock, the ones that have stopped indicate the time the person died."
Whilst St.Peter is explaining this Blair Senior notices that the minute hand of one the large clocks suddenly races ahead by twelve hours, then resumes normal time keeping.
He turns to St. Peter and informs him about the clock and asks why it jumped 12 hours.
St.Peter said. "That clock belongs to a male, and he must have just had a wank, that is why 12 hours have been deducted from his allocated life span."
Blair's Father then said to St.Peter. "My son Tony Blair is the Prime Minister of Gt.Britain, would it be posssible for me to view his clock?"
St. Peter replied, "Certainly, but we don't keep his clock in the Great Hall of Clocks, we keep it somewhere else."
Blairs Father said. "Is that because he is so important?"
St.Peter replied. "Actually we keep it in the kitchen, and use it as a fan!"

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