Blairs fail to find £3k-a-week tenant

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Blairs fail to find £3k-a-week tenant
By Robert Verkaik, Legal Affairs Correspondent
20 November 2004

The Blairs are having trouble finding a "serious" tenant for their £3.6m house in Connaught Square near Hyde Park.

Two months after completing the purchase of their five-bedroom London house, the Prime Minister and his wife are still waiting for a family or business to make them an offer that matches the estimated rent of £3,000 a week.

Nevertheless, Foxtons, the Blairs' letting agent, has confirmed that there has been no shortage of interest from inquisitive members of the public posing as prospective tenants hoping to get a guided tour of the Blairs' house.

Foxtons said it was still "early days" and it was confident of finding the right tenant. "We have to be very careful to whom we let the property so that that we have the right quality tenant," said a property market source. "This is a big house which will require a relocating family or corporate tenant. It's not a rent for a bachelor or a City broker, which is a much easier market at the moment."

Earlier this month further details emerged about how Tony and Cherie Blair managed to bankroll the purchase of the Bayswater property.

Papers filed with the Land Registry revealed that their mortgage deal was arranged by the Cheltenham & Gloucester building society, one of the few UK lenders willing to grant large mortgages on the basis of "affordability" rather than annual income. Sources close to Downing Street say Mr Blair managed to negotiate an advantageous mortgage deal by claiming he could earn up to £20m after leaving No 10.

Contrary to speculation, Foxtons thinks the house is a bargain. A market specialist said: "This area is undervalued and in 10 years' time you might expect to double the value of your investment, in half that time it could be worth a third more." This would mean Mr Blair would be able to leave Downing Street in four years' time with a property worth nearly £1m more than he paid for it.
From the Express - Bliar rents flats to Thales!

Blairs in row over flats

Downing Street has moved to defend Tony Blair and his wife Cherie following a report that two flats they had bought in Bristol were being let to a defence firm working on multi-billion pound Government contracts.

The Mail on Sunday reports that the flats - which were at the centre of the so-called "Cheriegate" affair - had been rented out to executives from the French-owned defence giant Thales.

The paper estimated that the Blairs could be earning £60,000 a year for the flats which are in an exclusive development known as The Panoramic.

Thales has in the past made donations to the Labour party and is currently involved in a series of major Government defence projects including two new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy.

However Downing Street said that the Blairs were not involved in letting the flats which are managed by the Manchester Trust, a blind trust set up to separate Mr Blair from decisions about how his assets are invested.

"The Blairs play no part whatsoever in the choosing of tenants of the Bristol flats. It is all handled by the Manchester Trust," a spokeswoman said.

The Blair's became embroiled in controversy over the flats last year when it emerged that Mrs Blair had been advised on the purchase by Australian conman Peter Foster, the then boyfriend of her close confidante Carol Caplin.

They had bought the luxury flats - for a reported £262,000 each - as an investment, saying that one was to be used as student digs by their eldest son, Euan.

The latest insight into the Blairs' financial affairs follows the disclosure earlier this year that they had paid over £3 million for a town house in London's Connaught Street in readiness for when Mr Blair steps down as Prime Minister.
"The Blairs play no part whatsoever in the choosing of tenants of the Bristol flats. It is all handled by the Manchester Trust," a spokeswoman said.
Contract negotiations room. Any idea where we can put our people?
Civil servant Blair has something - see his blind trust.
Where is the difference between Bliar sying it and getting one of his herberts to say it?

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