Blairs expenses shredded. What a surprise.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mad_mac, May 18, 2008.

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  1. I am at my wits end with the deliberate obstruction, and wilful collusion of this Government to avoid accountability at all costs.

    The Daily Mail which has made a big issue of the destruction of expense claims prior to 2005. This seems normal procedure as claims should be kept for 3 years for auditing and are then destroyed.

    The case in point at the moment is the pending publication of MPs expenses this coming Friday, unless this is appealed at tax payers’ expense by the loathsome money grabbing Speaker of the House, Michael Martin.

    Despite all the media coverage Westminster Officials were unaware that these documents were part of a legal challenge. Obviously these officials were also unaware that it is an offence to destroy documentation to prevent disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. Full article is here:

    The Times: Blair expenses shredded.

    This sounds as unconvincing as Labour party fund raisers being unaware of the laws surrounding party political donations which their own party implemented.

    Congratulations to the foxy redhead, Heather Brooke, for her dogged determination to bring some transparency to this dodgy bunch. More info below:

    Heather Brooke
  2. Anyone got any news ?
  3. Nothing new heard here.

    Just wanted to add my own admiration to Heather Brooke for her perspicacity (?) in forcing the bastards to 'fess up to what they've been doing with our money
  4. A three year tenure for shredding expenses claims - brilliant.

    Every legal document must be audited and stored for a period of 7 years.

    Can anyone give me a honourable question for cash answer, ( work it out for yourselves) regarding the time limit set for the destruction of all documents regarding a certain inquiry.

    Is it 3 or 7 seven years, or the nearest Brother with a box of matches ?
  5. This should provide you with the info required:

    Document Retention Guidelines

    I`m not sure why MPs only retain for 3 years as opposed to the mandatory six years.

    See below for the Information Commisioners Office decision dated July 2007 relating to MPs expenses.

    I draw your attention to paragraph 20 which refers to a 3 year data retention period which seems to fly in the face of the six year expense retention period. Paste this link into browser.

    Para 20 states:

  6. Err.

    So there is no news then !
  7. the idea of 3 year storing is for the accountability of blackmail! So after 3 yrs it's obviously not bad enough to be held ransom for!! either way we're paying for the fookers and they see my wage via the tax man so i wanna see theirs!