Blairs expectations

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PassingBells, Nov 28, 2006.

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    So just what did he think that we were there for?


    Edited for clarity
  2. It was very easy for him not to spot the Taliban, or the Pashtun resistance as I prefer to call them.
    Even though they were all around him, he didn't speak to them, they are all the ones who don't speak English.

    Its one of the reasons why they will be able to fight all through the winter - they don't have far to come - they are already there.
  3. ~400 yawn worthy posts - if I'm ever afflicted with insommnia I'll just read back some of your prior contributions.

    Have the taliban traditionally fought through the winter? What weather conditions will our soldiers prefer? Do you see the RM and other units out there suddenly sulking in a corner until they're told to go home?
  4. Crabby,
    I'll take it from you then, everything is going swimingly out there.
  5. I wouldn't know - I'll ask some of my mates in a couple of months when they've been there a while.

    You underestimate the will and ability of the army, who I will always support. Unlike Blair of course. "Blair expects" can't be overly inspirational. His assesment of the Afghans does seem naive, both the "good" and "bad" ones.

    Oh, or is there a consipiracy theory going on here? :roll:
  6. crabby,
    if you please - you can cut the crap with the conspiracy jibe.
    I don't have any I go with what's real.

    So where are we? You say you have faith in the British Army but that you don't have faith in their overall leader Blair? Yes?

    Recipe for success do you reckon?
  7. Crabby,
    you say in reply to me:
    'You underestimate the will and ability of the army...'

    How the f'uck would you know what estimation , if any, I have of the British forces in Afghanistan?
    I haven't expressed one have I?
  8. Common feeling though.
  9. An army that starts of as an indifferent one can become a good and even great one if it has a good and inspiring leader.
    (Col Peniakoff of 'Popski's Private Army' fame is a fine example. Not that his candidates were all that indifferent to begin with it has to be said.)

    The point I'm making is a good leader by working with the men is able to get the measure of them. And when you have the measure of them and a measure of the task to be undertaken you can work towards acheivable goals with some degree of confidence grounded in realism.

    A political leader like Blair has no understanding of the armed forces, so has no idea of the measure of them.He just pontificates from afar.
    One minute he will be treating them like fools to be merely told what to do, the next he will be expecting f'ucking impossible miracles from them.

    He is like a brat with a ferrari. You just know he's going to crash it. You half hope he will.
    But you hope he can do it and top himself whilst leaving the car still in good nick.
  10. the supreme leader has a day trip to somewhere he sent the troops to, if he could only remember the lies he told to get them there,

    he finds they are doing a top job.
    What does he expect, the tosser

    only one question comes out of his visit, how come he is around loads of armed blokes and no one has an ND into his swede.