Blairs comeback?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Mar 30, 2010.

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    The Labour have chances to win and thus mr.Blair has chances to be a PM. Why not?
  2. No, it won't happen. He is making too much money outside of politics now.
  3. Not yet a record, but we are now up to three threads on one press conference.
  4. Auld-Yin

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    And as it is Bliar, I bet you have commented on all 3 :p

  5. :D

    To be fair, I do comment on quite a few other other threads as well (and I don't think I posted on the first Blair thread)
  6. It's interesting would mssrs. Howtoward and Letitwin come back?
  7. As it is understood, that Teflon B'Liar made this speech to a selected audience in his old Sedgefield constituency. A very 'Selected Audience' to keep the Labour Faithful out, and the general Press out as well. Apparently it did not go down too well with local Labour supporters. They, and many others still view The Sainted Tony as a 'War Criminal'... alleged of course!! :p

    I listened to some of this that had been released for the BBC Radio 4. Mr Blair was 'Praising Brown', and stated "What a Talented Leader he was!" or words to that meaning. One wonders just how sincere Mr Blair was. The comments by some Labour supporters who do not think Blair should have been brought into to 'Help with the Labour Election Campaign', reckon that the rank and file were not asked about this. Blair could be a bit of an 'Elephant in the Room' as far as Brown's :sleepy: :puker: attempts to stay in office. Well I sincerely hope so, so that Blair's intervention will backfire on Labour. :toilet:
  8. Blairs comeback as a supporter of Brown, who on earth does he think we are, belching that "true and trusted friend rubbish", and he's not exactly a shining example of labour policies and values. I would hazard a guess he won't be leaving his estate to the Government of the day, in fact I wonder if by then he won't be a non dom!
  9. I liked the poster behind him "Labour - A future fair for all".

    Er, I'd say that is if you're:

    a. A crooked politician.
    b. A convicted criminal.
    c. On benefits.
    d. An immigrant.

    but would forget it if:

    a. You work and pay tax.
    b. You have savings.
    c. You aspire to better yourself.
    d. You wish the best for your kids.
  11. Er, I'd say that is if you're:

    a. A crooked politician. Elliot Morley et al
    b. A convicted criminal. Huntley et al (luxurious life behind bars).
    c. On benefits. (The millions who can't be arrsed to work).
    d. An immigrant. (Alphonse Semo).

    but would forget it if:

    a. You work and pay tax. (Joe public grafting everyday on his 20K per annum job watching his next door neighbour coining the same on benefits).
    b. You have savings. (Joe public as before but looking 'forward' to death tax).
    c. You aspire to better yourself. (Joe public struggling to rise above standard of living as experienced by those on benefits. Wonders why he bothers).
    d. You wish the best for your kids. (Joe public thinking he might want something to leave behind for his kids).

    Labour are the enemy of promise, the defender of sloth and the keepers of deceipt.
  12. Haven't seen mention of Blair in the local news in quite some time. Guess he's realized the media here has moved on to other features of the moment and forgotten him so T(ph)ony has returned to his roots. Any chance you folks could keep him there? No? Damn... guess he'll be back to pollute the minds of students here then.
  13. B-Liar is probably for the first time in his miserable little life doing something positive for Britain.By endorsing Labour,the Conservatves have probably increased their lead over Labour.
  14. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    You lot are the ones with the right to bare arms FFS. Can't one of you lot slot him A quick whip-round from on here should secure your legal fees and probably get you the team that got OJ off the hook :lol:
  15. Tony......Go away you smarmy little git.