Blairs bint introduced as Britains First Lady.

Andrew Marr has just reported on the BBC that the British Ambassador to the USA, introduced Cherie Blair as Britains First Lady.

Anyone know how we can put this @rsehole right, and remind him who he works for.
I feel the need to emigrate more strongly everytime either of them get thier egos massaged by thier sychophants(?spelling), pity Marr did not have the ability to inform them our fiirst Lady is HM the Queen
He works for the Civil Service "Foreign and Commonwealth office" which in turn is dictated to by the government of the day. He must have been licking Bliars Arrse or Fanny (American for Arrse). Fecking Civil servants and fecking Labour, they know who the first lady is and her name is Majesty or Ma'am. :evil:
I seem to recall that the US "First Lady" has constitutional checks imposed, and cannot use the presidential office as a source of income.

A case of wanting to have cake and eat it?

Personally speaking, if someone did a Ceacescu on the pair of them I'd be buying champagne...


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If Cherry BLiar had a fecking spine she would tell the yanks exactly who the First Lady of our glorious nation is. Then admit that she isn't the second one either... that belongs to the lovely Lady Maggie T.
I don't suppose there's a reference to this anywhere? I can feel a snotgram coming on.
If only cherie had been in that diana bints car in Paris.


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I feel that you (and Andrew Marr) must have picked up the quotation incorrectly.

I am quite sure that the Ambassador would have referred Mrs B Liar as the First Laddette.


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MrPVRd said:
This one does work!

Dire Blair Self Charity
But surely the 'self charity' is set at a level by her chav bloke (Tone or Gordon - you work it out - they have linking corridors allegedly) :twisted:
Well if she is The First Lady i think we are on our way to the United States of Europe and Tony will be The President, NOT.

It will only happen over my dead body.
MrPVRd said:
I seem to recall that the US "First Lady" has constitutional checks imposed, and cannot use the presidential office as a source of income.
I'm not sure that's entirely correct.

It's illegal, and probably good ground for impeachment, for the president to accept gratuities as a quid pro quo for official acts. It's an interesting question whether anything the First Lady does constitutes an official act for purposes of the bribery statutes. My guess is that, not being an official, she performs no official acts.

Incredible as it seems, Eleanor Roosevelt endorsed commercial products on the radio for money while her husband was president.

Decorum and fear of public ridicule may have inhibited imitation. But strictly speaking, nothing in law (as far as I know) prohibits the practice.
Why Oh why oh why do these idiots refer to this wide mouth frog as a first lady, and try to instil americain Values on us!!.

America have a First lady, UK DOESNT!!

America has a Prseident, UK DOESNT!!!

UK Has the Queen, AMERICA DOESNT!!

Come on people we are Two Different countrys, with different systems and different politics (even though blair wouldnt let you think so).

Next the americans will be refering to the UK as the 53 state!!

Winds me up, the amount of americanisms that is creeping into the UK.

No offence meant for the american people who use this site, just for those in your political systems and ours!
I sincerely hope that he gets five minutes with HRH DoE next time he is summoned to the Palace and that it is made perfectly clear that beverages will NOT be served during the audience.


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