Blairs At The Olympics

They should take advantage of the Blairs presence and incorporate them into as many events as possible. Not just the obvious, like catching the javelin or holding the archery targets either. Cherie's mouth is the perfect size for catching the discus. The relay baton could be symbolized by his Tonyness passing the buck. The kayak slalom flags could have direct questions on them that have to be dodged at all costs. The high dive could be measured in Liarbour approval rating percentages. The medals could all be taxed so first gets silver, second gets bronze, and third gets a council house and an arts grant. (Gold goes to the organizers, naturally)

Setting them both on a clay pigeon trap and shouting "Pull!" would be overwhelmingly tempting however.
Why not stick a piece of paper on their backs saying "FREE TIBET" and watch the Chinese Stasi swoop and lock them up with a few good kicks for good measure?
Has he claimed responsibility for our current levels of success?
Or is he trying to ignore that it only happened after he fcuked off?
old_rat said:
Nice if you can get it..............
The caption says that Tony has found his golden touch . Are we to take it that this refers to him inserting his left thumb into his wife's arsse as can be clearly seen by the expression on her face. Spit on it first Tone!
Britain doing well at the Olympics and those two turn up. He and his wife are losers, unpopular, unwanted, yesterday's bad news, don't they get it? His advisors must have wrapped him in cotton wool for 10 years.
When I first opened this I thought someones given her a facial and Bliar is turning a blind eye ...Bukkake :?:
State of her face

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