Blair: Well Wiretap M.P.s

Linked article reports that the Blair administration intends to abrogate an alleged policy, claimed to have been in effect for the last forty years, of not conducting electronic surveillance on members of Parliament.

Andrew Mackinlay, Labour MP for Thurrock, said it was a "hallmark of a civilised country" that its state did not spy on elected representatives

"This goes to the heart of what is to have a free Parliament not some privilege enjoyed by MPs. Constituents, pressure groups and other organisations need to know for sure that they are talking to their elected representatives in complete confidence."

"MI5 will get new powers to bug MPs" 15 January 2006
By Francis Elliott, Whitehall Editor
What's the problem? They've (ALL of them!) have been secretly doing it for donkey's!

Hopefully wiretaps will also be used to gather incriminating evidence on ministers and civil servants who are security risks or are breaking the law.

I am sure that John Reid would be happy....perhaps not, after his infantile Wilsonesque tirade during the Gilligan molehunt.
Curious how they are all up in arms about it, yet more than happy to allow the scuffers
to lock you up for 60 days while they gather evidence.....

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