Blair was warned Iraq war was illigal before invasion.

Coincidence this comes out the same day as he gets a gong?...

TONY BLAIR was warned that the invasion of Iraq would be illegal in a secret memo from Attorney General Lord Goldsmith three months before the war began, it emerged yesterday.

The Cabinet Office published the first draft of Lord Goldsmith’s legal advice which confirmed he had doubts about the legality of the conflict without a new UN mandate.

The memo, written on January 14, 2003, refers to the UN’s previous resolution 1441 saying that it “does not revive the authorisation to use the absence of a further decision of the Security Council”.

Yet, within days of giving this opinion, Lord Goldsmith flew to Washington for a meeting with President Bush’s hawkish advisers – and changed his mind. John Bellinger, former White House legal counsel, later told British colleagues: “We had trouble with your attorney. We got him there eventually.”

Lord Goldsmith told the Iraq Inquiry this account was “nonsense” but admitted he had serious reservations about the war. He changed his opinion on March 10, to give the go-ahead demanded by the armed forces before they joined the US-led invasion on March 20.

Several government lawyers have told the Iraq Inquiry they believed the invasion was unlawful. Elizabeth Wilmshurst, a senior Foreign Office lawyer resigned, saying the way the government considered the legal arguments was “lamentable”.

The memo was published by the Cabinet Office because of the “very exceptional” nature of the Iraq Inquiry.
Lawyer changes mind after being given further information shocker.....and your source is...the Express? haven't they got any Dianna stories to run?

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