Blair warned over poll on constitution

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 28, 2005.

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    well im glad someone is willing to stand up to him in his attempt to 're-educate' the people of the UK into voting for the Euro constitution.

  2. Let's see how the govt. "defends it's right" to put its propaganda forward?!
  3. I fear a change of leadership at the Electoral Commission or a "rethink" of that warning in a few months..
  4. Now taking bets on an early retirement.

    Or a convenient smear story.

    Why am I even thinking along these bloody lines?
  5. Anybody think his penchant for womens lingerie may surface in the very near future? :D
  6. Late night walks on Clapham common with his dog and lending phone to rasta-man
  7. Isn't this the chap that told Two Jags that his all-postal ballots were more bent than Julian Clary? I do hope that NuLab gets into a fight with the electoral commission because it won't half make them look bad :twisted: .
  8. As stated earlier, watch this guy become the victim of a smear campaign at an opportunistic time.

    There are no depths and I mean no depths this bunch of liars and cheaters will dip to to secure what they want :evil: