Blair warned over poll on constitution

Blair warned over poll on constitution


BRITAIN’S elections watchdog has warned Tony Blair that he will not be allowed to follow the lead of the Spanish government and marshal the full forces of the state behind the campaign for a "yes" vote in the European constitution referendum.

Electoral commissioner Sam Younger has insisted he will put the brake on Labour attempts to plough millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money into the drive to secure the nation’s support for the controversial constitutional treaty, expected to be launched a year from now.

Younger also signalled his intent to force ministers to observe a 28-day ban on all government-sponsored, pro-constitution propaganda in the final run-up to polling day.

Spanish prime minister José Luis Zapatero last week secured a "yes" vote in the first referendum on the constitution, seen as a significant early test, but his cause was aided by an enormous amount of public money.

A Downing Street spokesman last night insisted the government would abide by the rules, but he defended its right to put the "yes" case forward.

well im glad someone is willing to stand up to him in his attempt to 're-educate' the people of the UK into voting for the Euro constitution.

I fear a change of leadership at the Electoral Commission or a "rethink" of that warning in a few months..
Now taking bets on an early retirement.

Or a convenient smear story.

Why am I even thinking along these bloody lines?
Anybody think his penchant for womens lingerie may surface in the very near future? :D
Isn't this the chap that told Two Jags that his all-postal ballots were more bent than Julian Clary? I do hope that NuLab gets into a fight with the electoral commission because it won't half make them look bad :twisted: .
As stated earlier, watch this guy become the victim of a smear campaign at an opportunistic time.

There are no depths and I mean no depths this bunch of liars and cheaters will dip to to secure what they want :evil:

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