Blair Visits Troops in Iraq

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_0ne, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Source Sky News -,,30000-13557248,00.html

  2. Fook me I hope some of the boys/girls have a word or two about Mr Bliar's performance.

    The wee Rat!!
  3. Hmmm hardly likely now is it?

    Every time some respected visitor or a complete tosspot of the highest order tips up, all the squaddies with an axe to grind or who have previously broke ranks find themselves off and away on a very important job.

    The CO/OC/RSM/etc... then gives the duty brief about behaviour, values, standards to all and sundry.

    The aforementioned then spend the whole visit sweating on whether their blokes/lasses behaviour will impact on their My Blokes Effort award that they lie awake dreaming of.

    The RM Sgt who told Journos about the lack of kit got no Sp from his CO, who more or less contradicted him.

    It would take a lot of B@lls to tell the emperor he had no clothes (insert Ammo/Helis etc). I imagine anyone who did would be secretly admired by many but probably at his rank ceiling forever. Even the PoD did not do it until he was out!
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Pity the troops could'nt turn their backs on the cnut just like he's done on them!
  5. Now would be the time to have the most famous ND on Telic!

    Right between the Lying Cnuts eyes!
  6. I remember when Geoff "buff" Hoon came out to see us on Telic 4. He refused to eat in the mess with any of the soldiers, we weren't allowed to leave our rooms/offices when he was mincing about and to cap it all off, his visit was supposed to co-incide with the Black Jocks coming back South but he wasn't allowed to meet/shake hands with any soldier who'd been in theatre more than 5 days!
  7. I've just seen him giving a little speech in Basra.
    All his words drowned out by the big noisy generator right behind him.
    How did that get there do you suppose?
  8. Wonder how many Parachute Regiment men he met?

    What a pointless, hopeless, fatuous little twerp Blair is! Not that I'm biased in any way.
  9. Nice to see he spent a fair bit of quality time with the troops he sent there.
    Must of been all of 20 minutes, BBC News 24 just reported him in Jordan having dinner with Jordanian King(?) and political leaders from the region.

    Frankly i've never had time for him and would rather scoop out my eyeballs with a teaspoon than spend even one minute in his odourous company
    at least a snake has a reason for being, B.Liar has not one redeeming feature
  10. The last refuge of a scoundrel.

    ...First PM to be interviewed by the police whilst in office...
    ...Under pressure over two mishandled wars...
    ...Endorsing corporate corruption...
    ...Political party virtually bankrupt...

    ...A little photocall with the troops...SHAMELESS!

    There are some things that money can't buy. For everything else (like flag-waving photo-ops) there's the taxpayer.
  11. When he came out last year and visited BAS, we had his security goons all over the hotel. I had to walk half way round the f*cking building to go up a flight of stairs "for security". Cnut merely makes life more difficult than usual.
  12. If Bush decides to up the ante and send more troops to Iraq after Xmas
    so will Blair.
  13. Poor sods, haven't they got enough to get on with down there? Bet they had to look all 'interested' and 'pleased' to see the d1ck as well.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  15. Bliar won't, there aren't any more, the barrel is empty!!

    The 3 year Trg-Ops-Other Tasks was replaced with the 30 month FORM which in the short term covered the gap.

    After Bliars statement about staying in Iraq until the Job is done, consider the barrel scraped, go and look at an Arms plot if serving!!