another instance of B Liar's dillusions of grandeur. He'll turn up to "lead the country in mourning" i.e. get his face on TV so he can be seen as a "man of the people" (or at least so he thinks), the Labour-SS and their spin doctors will then try and tell the world that anyone who protests hates every minority they can think of and try and demonise them/portray them as horrid, small-minded bigots who do not share the vision of our glorious leader and the rest of the country (sic), and true to the script that has repeated itself so many times in the past, it will come back and bite them on the arrse.

Just do the decent thing BLiar, respect the wishes of the servicemen's families and stay away. We have had enough of your ego and the smear campaigns waged against anyone that stands up to you. Men died firghting the war you wished to prosecute and a rememberance service is not the time and place for your dirty form of party politics. This service is, and should be, above all of that, and you should show it the respect it deserves not try and make political capital fom it!


I presume this service is for ALL those who were killed in the conflict. It seems only right that the CinC (HM the Q) and the Leader of Her Majesty's Government should be there. We do the bidding of the Govt of the day and irrespective of our feelings about that Govt and its leader we are aware of that commitment.

I agree that some of the families might not want TB there, but many of them will-perhaps they want him to share some of their grief at the death of their loved ones in a war that was undertaken as much in the name of one person as in the name of any higher calling.

He is the PM and as such he should be there. (Though if a distraught parent were to bop him on the hooter then few would complain)
Queen Mum's funeral all over again
If just one bereaved parent or member of the family, immediate family, objects, then Bliar should stay away. Was he there to meet the coffins at Brize or where they came back? No fcking chance, he was off on holiday having had a particularly harrowing time over the past few months, boo fcking hoo.

He has spent six years protecting his policy and privacy, even when it was in the public interest to know, and he should respect the wishes of the families now. BTW: Couldn't agree more, this is a photocall for him.
What our venereal leader, BLiar, wants is another opportunity to do "Tearful and Sad", which he did so well at Diana's funeral. The man is a fcuking charlatan! :!:
Another request for B Liar to stay away.

The father of a north Wales soldier who was killed by a mob in Iraq has warned he will turn his back on Prime Minister Tony Blair if he approaches him at a memorial service on Friday

"If Tony Blair or a member of his immediate government approach me, I would turn my back, after all I wouldn't want to be charged with assault ,would I? I feel that strongly," said Mr Keys.

He said he has reservations for part of the service where prayers are due to be said for Iraqis.

He claims such a gesture is "insensitive" at a service for British soldiers.
That link to the report on Mr Keys says a lot about what is wrong about the New Labour project, its' leaders and its' philosophy. The wishes of the relatives are to be ignored in the interests of a bit of political point-scoring, and the Church is to demonstrate its' politically correct credentials, no doubt in the interests of some sort of mushy 'multi-faith' bs, and all this instead of a traditional remembrance service for those guys, which would be appreciated by those who matter - ie the relatives.
Much as I hate the b*astard and his zippy_gobbed Mrs, Flash_to_Bang has a relevant point about having a representative of the government at such occasions.

However, since Her Majesty will be there, the c**t should respect the wishes of the relatives and fcuk off.


I'm no expert here on Tony Blair, but if the bereaved's parents wishes him not to show up at the funeral, what's the deal? Why's he going anyway? If Bush was asked to stay away from someone's funeral, he would respect that family's wish, at least, as a last wish to the family of the deceased.
I mean c'mon, really.
Even if the parents of the dead soldier do not want him there, he has a DUTY to go as the Prime Minister. For him not to go because of possible embarrassment would detach him from the fact that people die in war and family are left to grieve.

All politicians should attend as that memorial stands their because the politicians had failed to make peace. As we are so often told, war is the last resort. Politicians should go and see all of the grieving families and accept responsibility for thier actions, whether they were right or wrong, otherwise the dead just become paper statistics.

Nuff said.

Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife join relatives of Britons killed in the war in Iraq for a special memorial service.

Full BBC News article to be found at:

"Let him (Tony Blair) see the misery that his decision to go to war has caused. Give the man a front seat but I won't sit next to him" - Reg Keys, Father of LCpl Thomas Keys, who died aged 20.

which ties in well with previous statements....

Archbishop of Canterbury said:
"Whatever the different judgments about the decision to go to war, we have to recognise the moral seriousness of this, and the dedication of those who carry out the decision
The Archbishops full address can also be found at:

babiesarm said:
My thoughts and prayers are with all the families and friends who have lost someone in Iraq.

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