Blair: troops may quit Iraq in 10-16 months

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. PM adjusts stance as mood changes in US

    Tony Blair yesterday shifted ground on the continuing presence of British troops in Iraq by saying it was government policy to leave the country within 10 to 16 months - so long as the security situation allowed

    Mr Blair's comments at prime minister's questions appear to be an attempt to pacify the restive mood of the British army, as well as to reflect the developing view in Washington that some radical policy change is imminent after the US mid- term elections.

    in full,,1925737,00.html
  2. About time he came to his senses.Or he can go the Bush way and pass the problem on to his succesor.
  3. The Americans will never declare the country safe in 10-16 months.
  4. Well, since he'll be gone by then (Hussar!!!), it's not a statment he has to stand by.
  5. Ah the Blair and his Masters Voice legacy.
    Prior to Blair I had never heard any suggestion of any UK National Election being fixed in even a small way.
    Cum Tone and his gang we now have highly suspect Postal Voting and Members of HM Forces deing effectively disenfranchised.
    What a legacy the man who corrupted mainland politics.
    as for King George
  6. More media hysteria and miss-qoute, if you listen to Ton's speech you'll find that the content is that we'll leave when:

    Iraqi security forces are capable of taking over, which the US believes will be "around" 12-18 months (the world loves an optimist, but try a LOT longer)

    The jobs done
  7. We should never have got involved in Iraq, but once in, "our guys" are doing a great job.

    What worrieds me a little about throwing leaving dates around the media - as just about all IS conflicts in the past got worse as we got ourselves out. I fear that the fact that we have said we will withdraw will only serve to increase the terrorists efforts.

    I want our lads back home again, but in such a way that lives are threatened even more in the process.

    It is my view, that whatever the plans for withdrawal might be, they should be kept quiet until only weeks before. NOT 10 - 18 months.
  8. Good post philbeck, I agree.
  9. Let's face it, how accurate has the Celestial Leader been about his own movements(stepping down etc). One could reasonably expect a 2-300% error in anything the man 'predicts'.

    Such a great secret. Probably it would not be a mistake to suggest 0 as a very good estimate.

    So we have a sequence 3, 1, X. Indeed 0 is a good extrapolation.
  11. How long were we meant to be in Bosnia for? Call me cynical but I think that we will be there for a lot longer than the next 10- 18 months. As long as the SPAMs stays there, we will be with them. The SPAMs will be there for as long as Iraq remains the focus for Islamic Militants in the middle east. The only scenario that I can see that would precipitate a withdrawal from Iraq would be the Treasury stating that they can't afford the deployment bonuses any more.

    Anyway, there is still the intention to leave a garrison based around BIA. I can't say I would enjoy sitting in barracks being used as target practice for the Jaish Al Mehdi's Mortar teams.
  12. Just noticed this on BBC News.

    Good to see the withdrawal plan is working well then...
  13. If we go back in, how are we meant to ever withdraw? I can't see a solution where this doesn't happen...