Blair tried to give away Gibraltar to curry favour with EU

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pyianno, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm - curry...

    Why do you think he changed the law so that no one can be tried for treason any more?

    I like to think I'm a pretty easy going bloke - no reason to take the emotions to 'hate' level, far too much effort. However, I'm happy to put in the graft for him, his cronies and everything they've done.
  2. Yes - putting it in Mafia terms, Blair was and is the 'Cunto di tutti Cunti'
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  3. Any thoughts?
    Yes. Blair, Hain and Straw were and always will be slugs.
  4. This was news at the time. The Gibraltarians kicked off and the local bloke in charge organised a referendum, despite Blair's furious objections.
  5. Blair was willing to do anything in his quest to be 'Presidente' Blair, the first Presidente of Europe.
  6. It is probably an oxymoron to talk about “honour” in politics :|

    However, it would enhance the "credentials" of the present lot in Government, and singularly identify and highlight the previous shower for what the were (still are !!), if the present Government were to reinstate the treason laws :) :nod: :pl:

    Edited to add: Pity it could not be done retroactively! (Could it?) :pl:
  7. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I think we should revive a number of old traditions - including putting heads atop Traitors Gate.

    I think Gordon Brown's and Tony Blair's would be a truly excellent start...

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  8. I have long thought of Blair et al as far more self serving, ignorant and disinterested in the country's interests than is normal for politicians. I have yet to be persuaded otherwise.

    Looking longer there is the whole question of the Falklands. Sovereignty on the Rock and the Falklands is ans remains a clearly stated desire of virtually every resident of each location.

    Having ignored, potentially at least, the democratic wishes of the Rock residents what hope would there be for the Falklands ?
  9. I think history will show Brown as a bit of a mug and a bumbling idiot - he did stuff that was daft but he had the belief, however misguided, that he was doing the right thing in his mind. I'm prepared to give some credence to that idea.

    Blair is another matter all together - he knew exactly what he was doing all the way through his premeirship and it was for the benefit of only one person. I do hope there is justice in this world and he suffers heavily and painfully in the future.
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  10. Can we keep Gib, but get rid of all the Gibbos? That would be great!
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  11. I think Fregna or Sorca mean **** in eyetie, "Fregna di tutti Fregni" perhaps. The name applied to Italy's latest nautical hero would work, Cazzo = bellend.
  12. And why do we need it?

  13. It's sunnier than Wales, and that's enough.
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  14. And the apes are not only prettier but more intelligent than the welsh.
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