Blair to get US Medal of Freedom

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Psypher, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Will Bush be made an honorary Lord in return, one wonders?
  2. I think Cyclops and all his Nu Liarbour chiefs got totally scared of the Peerage system after their close run in with the Law, and they werent cleared of that simply "insufficient evidence" was found. I notice that Bliar also has given Ruth Kelly a lucrative assignment in his Washington Charity office "The Faith Commission".

    This award was to have been presented a few years back for "services rendered" but at the time it was not politically expedient to accept it. My personal belief is that he has gained this award by paying in the blood of British Soldiers - Those who know what service and commitment is, unlike this grinning ex PM, who only seems interested in feathering his nest.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Agree with Bobthedog

    This award was to have been presented when he was still in charge IIRC
    There was quite a bit of hullaballoo about it so I suppose it will be done now whilst the Israeli / Hammas scuffle deflects the news away from the grinning tw4t
  4. Incidentally he is the same grinning Tw*t that is the UN's the US, Europe's and the Russian Peace representative, who is clearly absent while virtual war has broken out. Having said that he conveniently describes himself as merely a financial fixer trying to get investment into the Palestinian enclaves when the going gets tough.

    If you read the text more carefully, it's the Congressional Gold Medal that's on the shelf, waiting for him. This is an extra one.

    They should look nice on his DJ.

    Revenge may be sweet when his grandkids ask him, "What did you get those for?" at some Remembrance Parade in the future.
  6. It's actually Ruth Turner, who if you remember was questioned under police caution 4 times in Nov 2006 and on 19th Jan 2007 was arrested at her home in the early hours of the morning in relation to the cash for peerages inquiry on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

    She is now Chief Executive of Bliars Faith Foundation. Ample reward for not spilling the beans.

    This foundation has had $127,000 dollars pumped into it by Yale University which is where the foundation is principally based which coincidently admitted Euan Blair to study for a masters degree in international relations. He had turned down Harvard and Princeton after Yale offered him a $92,000, full-tuition scholarship.

    Lots of palm greasing and back scratching afoot.

    As for the presentation of another medal to the sociopath, the only thing he should be awarded is a mandatory invitation to attend the Hague :evil: :evil: :evil:
  7. Do you really think the prick will ever attend a remembrance parade again now the cameras wont be on him?
  8. Yes. It's down to protocol, it's what ex-Prime Ministers are supposed to do. He's got to be seen to be doing the right thing otherwise his and Cherie's appearance fees will dwindle.
  9. He never did the right things when he was in power, him and frogmella will care even less now.
  10. I,ve said this at least once, and i shall say this only once.

    someone put me in the position to shoot tony and I will do it.

    or thinking somewhat mousily, get me into pairlement with a full bomb vest and i,ll take out the effing, turds commonly called poloticians.
  11. I would gladly come along and hold your caot for you.....
  12. I'll carry your ammunition for you
  13. The poodels reward, for ass licking and being a good little boy, and doing what he was told to by uncle sam. ------PATHETIC !
  14. The medal, worn around the neck apparently has "If found, please return to G. Bush..." engraved on the reverse...
  15. Blair is corrupt and venal in the extreme.The same can be said for his foul wife.

    The fenian b*tch Ruth Kelly must be up Bliar's arrse in a big way,but I wonder if Cherie played a part here,both being left footers,etc.

    Bliar's other reward from dubya was a non-job as an advisor to some Wall Street bank(JP Morgan)? as a consultant at 5 million a year.I bet this is payed offshore,so Cyclops doesn't get his mitts on any of it.

    Socialism,don'tcha just love it?