Blair to confirm Iraq timetable

Morning: Science, Double English.

Afternoon: Nation building, History (Important that one, so we don't repeat it...oh, wait) and finally, PE, all suitably dressed, of course.

Sounds like a fun timetable to me.

Let's see how long the troop reduction lasts, shall we?
This is all part of Bliars push for yet further infanity. I sent them out and I brought them back - well except the ones who died!! RIP
A Downing Street spokesman said: "It is right that the prime minister should update Parliament first."

Well, that overturns a 10yr old precedent. The first thing most of Parliament know about something is when they read about it in the Scum or the Grauniad.

1,000 out by May, eh? Just in time for them to have a parade to mark his 10 years as The Dear Leader. How convenient.


Blair 'to outline Iraq timetable'

Some 7,000 UK troops are currently serving in Iraq

Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to announce a timetable for the withdrawal of UK troops from Iraq.

Mr Blair is set to make a statement to MPs in the House of Commons about the 7,200 British troops serving in Iraq.

It is thought he will say 1,500 troops are expected to return home in months, with 3,000 withdrawn by Christmas.

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Believe it when I see it.
Howdo Rayc sahib*

The subject is being dealt with here:

Tell me, what is the attitude amongst Indian Army officers on the current deployment of UK Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan?

*as the grandson of an officer in Skinner's Horse, I am reliably informed that this term is still regarded as quite alright - please let me know if I am correct in this assumption.


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NOTE: He qualified his comments by saying 'if the Iraqi forces are capable of taking over responsibility'..... So, another soundbite to grab the headlines but as usual the devil is in the detail.


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Now he thinks we've won the War on Terror, does this mean that Saint Tony of Freetown will order a "Victory in Iraq Day?" Will we be hanging red white and blue bunting from lamp posts (apart from in muslim areas, as Tony wouldn't want to upset them)?

Will the Royal family be appearing on the balcony at buck House (apart from Harry and Wills who will no doubt be on Op tours)with Tony in front of adoring jubilant Brits? Will p*ssed GIs be climbing said lamp posts and jitterbugging with my mum?

Will they bring back powdered egg rationing?
So British Forces will sit in their camps and just let the insurgents IDF us every day?? so Iraqi forces will carry out GDA /local patrols .I think not. don't forget the fact we will still be hit my road side bombs while conducting these actions. So what will follow Hmm ,Surge perhaps but with less troops?? more KIA bullsh!t. Should of just left saddam there
I have a horrible sneaking suspicion that TELIC 10 will end and battalions will start returning to Germany / UK and then an upsurge in violence will erupt and we'll be back.

I've TELIC'd twice. Not in a hurry to do a third.
Just wait till they all do come back....bayonets sharpened.

I can see Bliar pacing No 10, gibbering "Infamy infamy, they've all got it in for me!"

Ba-boom! I thank you ....

Right, I'll be off then....


Typing as the Dear Leaders speaks so forgive if any accuracies:

- 7,200 troops to reduce to 5,200
- Based at Basra Airport mostly, and the Palace (ie not Shatt or Shaibah)
- Aim to hand over Multhana province later this year


Well, 14 minutes in and just a load of waffle justifying his current stance. Did I miss something when I sneezed?

Edited to add - I did miss it when I sneezed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :meditate:

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