Blair to be named in file for CPS over cash for peerages

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Contrarian, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. OK,I know it is the Daily Hate and that they have a vendetta against Bliar, but on this miserable and grey day we could all do with a little brightness to cheer us up. Will Bliar be prosecuted? We can only live in hope but I'm sure you'll agree that the possibility puts a smile on yer face.

    Daily Hate
  2. Good old Daily Heil has brightened up what would have been a gloomy day then.

    I might write to Ms Blears (god I hate that cow) and ask her what his achievements are. I cannot think of many. Bit ironic that she comes out with this crap days after it was revealed that Britains children are the worst educated in the developed world, what with the whole 'education, education, education' manisfesto. Don't get me wrong I think it would have been worse under the Tories but I don't think Nulabour can say they have achieved much.

    I wish the police would get their act together and start looking at the other parties aswell. This could be the chance to start cleaning up politics, although maybe I am just being naive.
  3. I think that is a self-serving and quite morally bankrupt thing to be saying to youth "activists". If politicians behave as they are and then communicate that attitude to young people, guess the headlines in 25 years time...

    If Mr Blair and his colleagues have done wrong (if??) then the new moral authority of Neue Arbeit which swept them into power in 1997 is as nothing. So judging by the list of wrong doings - things not actually illegal but morally wrong included Sven, so that covers Mandelson to Levy - that is indeed the case. So Ms blears needs to think about a new moral imperative, not try and spin the old one back into flavour again...
  4. She works for me so I will gladly send a letter on your behalf if you wish. I haven't sent her one in a while so its about time I started annoying her again. Might even get one sent to the local rag, see if we can get her out of her nice Labour safe seat. if she is still there after the next general election I may stand against her in the following one. She is one of the worst Blairites going. She will do anything for a promotion up the Labour ranks, even if it means selling out her constituents.
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Blair shouldn't be to worried, most files I send to CPS end up 'lost' or being viewed by an unknown party!
  6. I know that many on hear laud the bad reporting of The Hate but come on - this is worse than usual
  7. Sven get your tounge out of Tony's Arrse, you fucking nobber.

    I for one like the Daily Hate. At least they're not owned but that cunt the media manipulating Murdoch.
  8. Lord Chancellor, Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions: - now what do they all have in common??

    Ooooh I know.....
  9. No they are not, but their reporters write only what the editor tells them to write - the true blue and make it up Paul Dacre
  10. They've been quite strong on this story from the outset - whilst nobody is touting this (yet) it doesn't mean they are wrong. They haven't been wrong on any of their other stories regarding this little faux pas by Fony.

    I am praying, at least three times a day, that they all get charged. What a legacy that'll be.
  11. people only seem to care as long as the money dosent come out of there pocket. the goverment need to fund a hell of a lot, aslong as they dont increase taxes noboby cares. but this money has to come from somewhere so why not have a few rich blokes who need something that you cant get from j sainsburys. as long as we still get stuff paid for who cares dosent affect me if some rich git gets a peerage out of helping the labour party out with a few quid. i know that it is every squaddies god given right to grumble an shinf. but i just wanted to put my point across. all to often pple use other pples arguments and the point gets lost. or maybe i am talking complete bull sh1t :meditate:
  12. It is not the story I am referring to, but the facts in the report.

    *Blair is not a suspect - if He was then both his interviews could not be used as evidnece against Him.
    *Ruth Turner is not at the 'heart of the enquiry', she is an underling who MAY be charged with perverting the course of justice.
    *Does the CPS really act on this " . . . . 60 per cent evidence strength you would go for a prosecution . . . . .."?
  13. Do you really believe that Blair isn't a suspect? Don't be so stupid. The Police haven't said so at this time because the press would go nuts. Being interviewed twice as a 'witness' is mearly a smoke screen.

    Ruth Turner believes she's just as untouchable as Tony. Charge the lot of 'em.

    The CPS will have no choice but to act on the case, you can't brush this aside.
  14. B2nothing

    If Blair IS a suspect then the cops have cocked up. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that Blair has said do far will have to be discounted viz a viz His trial since Blair was not interviewed under caution.

    Given that Yates is supposedly a competent copper, do You really think He would have set his case back by not cautioning a suspect?