Blair to amend human rights law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chalky, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. Blair 'to amend human rights law'

    All well and good you may tentatively say, but this is the bit that got me:

    The Observer says a leaked letter to Home Secretary John Reid suggests creating new laws which would allow the government to veto court rulings.

    Now, call me a dirty libo if you will, but does this not slightly unnerve anyone? That if, cleared of a charge you may be found guilty anyway, not by a judge or jury of your peers, but by the government of the day because it's politically convenient?

    I'm never one to join the tin-hat brigade, but let's just say my bacofoil and salad bowl will be residing a little closer to me from now on.
  2. This is not good at all, get rid of the Human Rights Convention or force it to be interpreted as the French do ie in the national interest not that of the Chav/Afghan hijacker/Somlian Jihadi

    Do not allow any Govt esp this one to veto court rulings - otherwise we will really be the subjects of King Tony who in return for Sinn Fien votes (they currently abstain in the commons) may revisit the rulings on British Soldiers in NI or Gib.

    Looks like we are heading back to the realm of Charles the 1st - lobster tail helmet any one?
  3. The only people to benefit from The "Human" Rights act, have been criminal scum and lawyer scum, people have been murdered because of the way this law has been administered. What about the rights of the victims of the vermin that prowl our streets? With human rights comes human responsibilities. The law as it stands is a disgrace, we did very well before this act was foisted upon us, despite the warnings it was a charter for criminals. We must repeal it, withdraw from the European Convention ang go back to a Bill of Rights designed to protect the innocnet, not the guilty.
  4. It was Blair's bitch who wanted the ECHR incorporated into UK law.

    It has been a great source of cash for her. No benefit to the public, but great for her bank account.

    Of course according to ther Blair bitch we had no rights at all and were living under the heal of oppression until her puppet decided to save us all and make his bitch more money.

    f***ing parasites the pair on them. I hope they die horrible deaths preferably at the hands of some peice of terrorist shit who we cannot get rideof because of their actions. Too much to hope for I expect.
  5. Bliars Law firm The Matrix Chambers had made £5 Million in profits from the HRA. Probably 6 Million by now. The way Bliar talks you would think that him and his bitch weren't personally responsible for the mess we are in now. They should be prosecutued for corruption.
  6. I understand that cum the day the law became LAW, Blurs Chambers where the only 'firm' up and running.
    Insider information to my way of looking at it, other firms though it would becum LAW but one firm knew and could plan accordingly.
  7. Anyone noticed how sensible the government sounds recently? Firstly lot's of hints that we may introduce Megan's Law, then public disquiet over ludicrous sentencing and now this, the big one, amending Human Rights legislation in favour of the victim. All of which the public have wanted for years, all of which makes Tony appear, at the eleventh hour, as the Messiah, and all of which will quietly never make it through the courts in two years time.
  8. Do You know the verious articles of the European Convention, Warrior. Take a quick glimpse of them HERE and tell me which ones You wish to get rid of, the ones that You do not want to be used to defend YOUR rights.

    Jonwilly, Inf/MP and Warrior - do You have any corroberative evidence from a credible source as to Your allegations - I would be interested in seeing them
  9. You just know that all of these 'new ideas' (why couldn't he think of them anytime in the last 9yrs!), will be quietly dropped after the fanfare dies down.

    Bill Clinton did exactly the same thing in his last year. Perhaps Tony did 'inhale' :wink:
  10. megans law .i.e hunt the nonce not terribly bright idea with the tabloids just waiting for the first nonce avenger to appear :(
    human rights act badly implemented we helped draw up the human rights convention after ww2 stupid judges and greedy lawyers have taken a very clear piece of writing and twisted till it nearly breaks.
    unfortunatly judges seem to worship this idea of "justice" and reforming the offender while a great ideal and one I'm in favour of.
    but if chummys had a warning and a community sentnace has'nt worked he needs locking up.
    in a prison where theres enough space and enough staff that he can be educated.
    bit like colly although obviously the disicipline can't be quite as tough as your dealing with civillians not squaddies.
    I imagine if civvy nicks had the sort of cash and staffing levels that colly has the number of reoffeders would go down.
  11. Sven if we had "Competent" courts then the law wouldn't be intepreted in a way which allows terrorists and hi jackers the free rein they now enjoy. As for cruel and degrading treatment, the definition is so wide that it makes a mockery of the whole thing. We managed quiet nicely before this foreign law was introduced and we will manage perfectly well when we leave Europe, tear up this terrorist charter and go back to the principles enshrined in Magna Carta.

    People like Sutcliffe and Huntley etc should have no rights once they have had their fair trial except the right to a blindfold and a last cigarette.
  12. Sven you will have to do some chasing up but Matrix was running from day one.
    And as she was sleeping with Tone she had inside information.