Blair Talked Bush Out Of Bombing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. Thank fook he did! Can you imagine the carnage that would have been caused by a 'surgical strike' in the Business region of Doha?

    The arab world would have gone apeshit and we may well have lost the support of an important arab ally.

    I really do despair at him sometimes :roll:
  2. So you don't think that this 'revelation' is suspicious following Sir Chistopher Meyers book, in which BLiar is portrayed as a poodle?

    Also do you think that someone will be prosecuted for this release of a TOP SECRET document?
  3. Very astute! :D

    Political expediency anyone?
  4. I dunno about bombing Al Jazeera.... Bush might be better off bombing the BBC... it has more terrorist sympathisers on its books!
  5. But don't the US have a military base in Qatar? And he was going to bomb another part of the country? Nah.... I don't believe that... I know Bush is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but there's no way he's that stupid... There is something wrong with this story...

  6. Is it just me or are these two becoming more like a scene from Dr. Strangelove?
  7. Frankly Dad's Army is more truthful than this 'story' :?
  8. Sorry but this story is total BS. The mean USAF airbase in the entire region is in Qatar, as is CENTCOM (FWD) and CENTAF and several brigade-sets of pre-positioned US Army kit. Agreed, very suspicious timing after the Meyer book.
  9. Kylie has the truth (sings):
  10. "According to unnamed sources quoted in the Daily Mirror, the memo - stamped Top Secret - records Mr Bush suggesting that he might order the bombing of Al-Jazeera's studios in Qatar."

    How hard could it be to establish whether this "memo" is a forgery?

    Who, if anyone, is denying its existence or authenticity?

    Any angry denials out of the White House yet?

    This story might possibly serve two purposes:

    1. Show the world P.M. Blair is his own man, not a Bush flunky.

    2. Show the world that Pres. Bush is a such a crazy badass @#@#%& that you'd better just do exactly as he says because he's dangerous when he's unhappy.
  11. Australian Goddess also sang: Never too late to change your mind (I mean mr.Bush of course).
  12. 'Surgical strike' with the Americans god only knows....... I've been to Qatar only stopping over looks it ok but if Bush had gone bombs away the Arabs would have gone after Westerners in Qatar, RAF have a few GR4's and stuff there would be very bad news for Iraq seeing as its a nice stop over for aircraft going to Iraq.
  13. This stinks to high heaven - there is no way that a Bliar/Dubya chat would be minuted, given the much-criticised "sofa style" of his dictatorship.

    However I suspect the idea has been discussed in US circles, particularly following the Chinese Embassy "accident" of the Balkans adventure.
  14. Given that nearly the whole world dislikes the US which gives out staggering amounts of food and monetary aid, champions human rights causes, works for stability in many portions of the world, lends its unprecedented military might to humanitarian relief operations globally FREE OF CHARGE, invents internets and ATMs, and spreads economic prosperity just by being the US....we may as well be viewed as the crazy, twitchy MF's next door with the collection of fully automatic weapons and explosives. The world won't respect us, let them fear us.