Blair takes Champagne Socialism to ultimate conclusion

Thanks for posting the link Semper_Flexibilis, I found that interesting.

I was not aware that he had two sons. Since he was so keen on the war in Iraq, one has to wonder why neither of them is serving.

Edited to add: Or have I missed something.?
Tony Blair, hero of the working class, effin traitor
It seems to me that the companies named in the article have bought a lot of knowledge for a very reasonable amount of money. Good for them.
Mr Blair has decided to kiss and tell, no surprise there.

Why have LVMH hired him, are they thinking of moving in the 'Invading a Sovreign Nation' market?

They shouldn't bother, the US and the UK have the monopoly at the moment.
Neither is serving as conscription ended some few decades ago as did National Service.
Personal choice to join or not. The fact that we (most) did is an irrelevant thread in this argument.

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