Blair tactics a 'cancer' in politics: Major

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 22, 2005.

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    and for the article by Johgn Major

  2. I'm not surprised. Who is the UK chairman of the Carlyle Group again?

  3. very ironic of him to be talking about dishonest government and sleeze, his government and party invented them as political terms

    scum bag
  4. Very true PTP, but at least he had standards! (well maybe not, he did choose to boff Edwina Curry! 8O )

    I would still prefer him to blair anyday. He liked cricket and was proud of Britains past and its heritage, unlike the appologists in govt just now.

  5. Ah, but he was a Europhile masquerading as an honest man.

    Did nothing for the country, nor for his party. As for his resigning as party leader and standing (mid-year rather than at conference) - disgusting!. That was an eye opener, even Eurocrats wouldn't be so cheap!.
  6. Insulting cancer if you ask me.
  7. your problem with the Carlyle Group is what exactly?

    i've done some work for them!
  8. My problem with the Carlyle group is the Carlyle group, their interests, what they represent and who they are, and the undue influence they hold.

    You worked for them, you got paid, you don't have a problem.

    Meanwhile I'm watching the UK government handing over chunks of defence infrastructure to Carlyle and others of their ilk. I believe there is something wrong, and downright sinister in that.

    For John Major to play the damn high hand, whilst negotiating on behalf of his paymasters , with the same person/people that he criticises in open press , makes him no better than his target, and possibly worse.
  9. PTP, not being party-political, but in view of your usual line on such subjects I would be surprised if you are actually disagreeing with Major's analysis.
  10. I'm just saying Hackle,

    Glass houses and stones.
  11. PtP,

    Understand the cynicism and I would not criticise that, but I would suggest that to take this line with just the Carlyle Group would suggest a naive view of the world (and it would seem to me from your previous arguments and comments that you are far from that).

    Yes the CG have some pretty influential people on board, but so do many other corporations AND so called NGOs, MNEs or non-partisan organisation.

    For example, Lord Gutherie is an advisor to the Rothschilds Bank, Robin Cook, Gordon Brown and Alan Milburn all sit on the boards of left-wing think tanks (that happen to get contracts to produce papers on government policy) Robin Cook is also on the Tote board, a certain Air Marshall now sits as a Lib Dem peer, regularly attacking government policies and advising Mr Kennedy on Defence issues.

    I personally see nothing wrong with these things. When I left the army, I used every contact I had and regularly use the experience I gained in the army to influence the people I work for or on behalf of.

    The world really is not only what you know, but who!

    How else does diplomacy operate? How else in business do you trust what the bloke across the desk says?

    I am not saying it is the only way to do business, but it seems to work so far!

    And if Mr Y-Fronts is not in a position to criticise B*Liar and his three ring circus then who is?
  12. I must say that i too have concerns over Mr Majors connections with the carlyle group. As PTP said, they are a faceless multinational who are buying up large chunks of the defence and logisitics market (along with Haleburton). If it continues at this rate, we will soon have corporations that could potentially take over any small country they wanted (with private armies and defence stockpiles, they are probbably as well if not better equipped than HMforces 8O )

    Rumour has it that John major got his place on the board as payment for the UK's role in GW1. The way Tone is laying it about with the mutlinationals, it looks like he is trying to secure his future too!

    Still think that Major is right to take pot shots at blairs disrespect for the people, armed forces, laws and constitution of Britain.

  13. You mean like:

    1. The Hudson Bay Company
    2. The East India Company (or John's Company)
    3. The West Indias Company

    Nothing new here. sorry!
  14. Why are we shooting the messenger? Surely what matters is the message. Given that it corresponds to what the majority here appear to think of New Labour, I'd not care if Guy Fawkes or Blobby raised the matter. What she should concentrate on is trying to find some way of dealing with the abuses Major describes
  15. Spot on there OLR, couldna have put it better meself :)