Blair Surrenders to Brussels

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, May 6, 2007.

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    Tony Blair intends to use his remaining weeks in office to surrender British powers to Brussels as part of his drive for a European "legacy", senior Whitehall officials claim.

    Leading civil servants fear the Prime Minister will effectively bind the hands of Gordon Brown by signing Britain up to a rewritten version of the European Union constitution days before he finally resigns at the end of June.

    Mr Blair's plan to forge closer links with France and Germany - something he has wanted to do since coming to power in 1997 - are causing consternation in Whitehall and the Chancellor's camp.

    The move puts at risk Labour's hopes of a "stable and orderly transition" of power, a process which will begin this week when Mr Blair spells out his departure plans.

    If Mr Brown wanted to undo any or all of Mr Blair's moves to sign away powers, he would be locked into a series of bruising and time-consuming negotiations that could dominate his tenure at No 10.

    A senior civil servant told The Sunday Telegraph: "The concern is that the outgoing Prime Minister will take constitutional decisions which will bind both his successor and the country for years without obtaining the say-so of his successor, and possibly without even consulting him.

    "There is a worry he believes this should be part of his political legacy and that he will be acting as an individual and not the leader of a government."

    Mr Blair will announce this week that he will remain as Prime Minister for about seven weeks, allowing Labour time to elect his successor and hold a separate poll for deputy leader.

    Mr Brown is a virtual certainty to succeed Mr Blair. Today, John Reid, the Home Secretary, and John Hutton, the Work and Pensions Secretary, who were touted as potential leadership candidates, will formally declare they will not stand against the Chancellor.

    Mr Brown will now face only a token challenge from a Left-winger, either Michael Meacher, the former environment minister, or John McDonnell.

    Mr Blair's announcement will effectively usher in a US-style transition period before the Chancellor takes over. Prime Minister in all but name, Mr Brown will stage regular meetings with leading "front-line professionals" including military top brass, security chiefs, police leaders, health bosses and senior education officials.

    He will also make a series of wide-ranging speeches and hold "Let's talk" gatherings with Labour Party members and ordinary voters.

    But Whitehall officials are concerned about Mr Blair's desire to stay on and attend two major summits in June, a G8 meeting of world leaders and a European Council in Brussels.

    The latter will see Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, put forward a new set of proposals for a Brussels power-grab which would not need to be endorsed by referendums in member states.

    Two years ago, a formal EU constitution, signed by all member states, was scrapped after "No" votes in referendums in France and Germany.

    Civil servants fear Mr Blair will sign up to moves extending the 48-hour maximum working week to more people, which business believes could cost £9 billion, and plans to give European judges greater say over Britain's criminal law.

    The proposals would also lead to a permanent and powerful EU president and a "foreign minister" with a seat on the UN Security Council.
  2. Anything from T6 has a US right-wing agenda. There is another thread posted on 'The intelligence cell' very like this...Could it be our Cousins are getting worried they'll be left friendless?
    Also, didn't T6 always sing Tony's praises - oh, I forgot, he's no use any more...
  3. And there was me asking 'how the fook could things get any worse?'

    I'll put it down to the naivete of youth, shall I?
  4. How does this article have a right wing agenda ? Its about the UK and its relationship to the EU. I read somwhere about the recent hoopla in the UK over trash disposal which seems to be determined by the EU. You either favor losing your sovereignty or you dont. Pretty simple.
  5. There never was a referendum on this in Germany and there never will be. If there had been, it would have been a resounding "NEIN!", that's for sure. Referenda are actually illegal in Germany. Naturally, parliament just rubberstamped the EU constitution first time around. As far as I know, there wasn't even a debate.

    Many people I know were keeping their finger's crossed that at least the Dutch and the French would say "no", which they did. :whew:

    Perhaps something to keep in mind before the inevitable German-bashing begins once the new proposal is put on the table. :x

    I also never understood how 1 EU seat on the UN Security Council could somehow be "better" than 2 European seats (Britain, France). But hey, in the magical land of Europhilia, I'm sure it makes sense - somehow.


    Edited for misleading phrasing, and to add UNSC stupidity.
  6. And here was me thinking Blair had surrendered to stand trial at the Hague.

    One can dream...
  7. This is not a party political matter, it concerns the very existence of Great Britain.

    Both sides of our political spectrum have been involved in the absorption into Europe of our nation.

    The deviant 'Traitor' Heath lied to us and sold us into Europe on false pretences. Now it appears that Bliar, who now has no mandate to govern, is about to destroy what is left of our independence as a nation. This is DESPITE the fact that France and Holland have rejected the proposed European constitution; Denmark would never agree and this country would reject such a proposal outright. What can his motives be ? A place in history ? To be President of Europe ? To spite Brown ? To spite Britain for eventually coming to the conclusion that he, Bliar, is a worthless twerp and has been for at least the last ten years and five days.

    The man is dangerous and so is the communist Merkel. What have we let ourselves in for by being becoming invloved with the dreadful European Soviet Union ?
  8. Permanent and powerful EU president? Will this be as in the role will be permanent but the person holding the rank would be moveable?
    Or are we to soon be ruled from Europe by a permanent and powerful dictator? Be nice to know exactly what Bliar intends inflicting upon us in the near future.
  9. It is typical Telegraph's article filled with rumours and voided any fresh news. Unnamed 'civil servants' fear that mr.Blair would do something. But why he hasn't done it during long 10 year?

    I propose 'Telegraphists' a new (really very old) rumour. In fact mr.Blair plans to stay a PM not 7 weeks but 7 months, maybe even 7 years (he is very young for a politician btw).
  10. tomahawk6 quoted, "Tony Blair intends to use his remaining weeks in office to surrender British powers to Brussels as part of his drive for a European "legacy", senior Whitehall officials claim."

    This is about as surprising as Boy George's declaration that he is AC/DC.

    Bliar and his Government have presided over the daily sacrifice of British freedoms, democracy and Criminal Justice system on the altar of the United Socialist Republic of European Union. Those pulling his strings are the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels, whose main claim to becoming EU Commissioners is perversely that their own national electorate should have first rejected them.

    Our British traditions and culture weren't destroyed in two World Wars, yet may well be annhilated by the subversion of our politicians whose desire for self-aggrandisement far exceeds any patriotism they may have.

    The EU is incapable of reform - we'd be BETTER OFF OUT.

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
  11. Excellent question! And the answer to 'what Blair intends inflicting upon us in the near future' could be in this link:

    Now the questions have to be asked:

    Is he already pencilled in for the top job?

    Is this why he's handing sovereignty over?
  12. I continue to be astonished that this topic is not the HEADLINE topic on this site and throughout the country.

    Please, please, wake up before we really are forced to drive on the right and obey every diktat coming from the Paris/Berlin axis.
  13. I doubt even Blair is stupid enough to think sneaking that kind of legislation through in his dying (I wish) moments as PM will work.
    The British people have swallowed allsorts of shite for years with barely a murmur but I doubt that would go un-noticed and without protest.

  14. [​IMG]