Blair sparks chaos over Black Watch's fate after Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Oct 21, 2004.

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  1. Link to lead story in today's Scotsman:

    This is about a reply from the PM to a question about the future of the Black Watch:

    A reply which in any normal government would not attract much attention. Under Mr Blair's leadership where fundamental changes have been made to the British Constitution in the course of a botched cabinet reshuffle, one can understand the interest in his words.

    Knowing the way the man operates, we will probably ALL be in the Black Watch in 6 months time. My signature here will be going on ebay... :lol:
  2. My delving into the chickens gizzards says.

    Two Regiments One Lowland One Highland, the Highland one to be called "The Royal Highland Regiment" (ring a bell anybody?)

    wait out.... :)
  3. LOL Benjaminw1 you could be on to something,
  4. The Labour spin-machine is apparently already back-pedalling on Bliar's cryptic comment and the MoD says nothing has changed. Looks like the Great Leader was merely trying to deflect criticism of the BW deployment.
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  7. The proposal from the council of colonels now before ECAB is for a single, large Scottish regiment of five battalions. That has not changed, more's the pity.