Blair smuggles in asylum seekers..!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BlueDanubeWalt, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Yeah...Yeah..I know its a 'Mail story, cant' resist it though...They just delivered Blairs new BMW, nothing wrong with that, obviously went to a Plod high sec. area, when they opened the!!.. four more of interestingly I presume Blair is not yet the registred owner of the car..pity...otherwise it would be confiscated automatically like those poor 'bastards' lorry drivers a few years ago, remember...they tried to hand in 'illegalls' they discovered at Dover and got done by Customs/immigration....That's in my mind when the lunatics started to take over the 'Asylum'(no pun intended)..and this is where we've ended up up with the other 'Plod' thread about the guy helping at the scene of the accident etc..etc
  2. Yeah forgot to add, heavy fines, lorries I think confiscated, they were owner/ operators...ruined them..having said that I do know of a few that were making a lot of money in them days bringing in illegals...there...that's a balanced view...
  3. I am all for foreigh lorry drivers in this country having their lorries confiscated. It would lessen the number of accidents due to poor maintenance on their part, and would be less HGV's on our roads. You know It makes sense.