Blair(Sir Ian) to get the boot?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Jun 12, 2006.

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    ''Shooting inquiry leak reveals catalogue of blunders by police

    SIR IAN Blair’s position as Metropolitan Police Commissioner looked increasingly fragile after political support for him appeared to fade last night.
    The beleaguered head of Scotland Yard received only lukewarm support from Tony McNulty, the Police Minister, as it emerged that the inquiry into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes will disclose serious blunders and mistakes by the force.

    ''..the inquiry found that senior Scotland Yard officers already knew that Mr deMenezes was innocent when Sir Ian told a news conference that the shooting was directly linked to a series of attempted suicide bombings in the capital the previous day.

    The paper quoted an “IPCC-linked source” as saying that there was a belief in Whitehall that Sir Ian had not been told immediately because he was “notorious for taking bad news very badly”. The source was also quoted as telling the paper that the inquiry had found that Sir Ian tried to prevent the IPCC from investigating, citing the Prime Minister’s name in his support.''
  2. Good. This man is a liability to the country. He is more concerned with political correctness than homeland security :x
  3. There’s a shock
  4. Sir Ian Blair was acting in a "totally unacceptable" way when he secretly recorded calls, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority has said

    The MPA has the power to require the commissioner to retire or resign.

    But Mr Duvall said: "I want him at his desk tomorrow working to keep Londoners safe.

    "Ian Blair does a very good job on behalf of London. This was a mistake that was made, it has been brought to his attention."

    Its the same Police Authority that was slagging him off yesterday about this new incident..hes toast..ill give him..ermmmmm 3 weeks or until his next pay day..but I think he will fall on his sword rather than get his P45

    Will he get jobseekers allowance??? and have to sign on every whateverdayitis
  5. If he had resigned last year.

    A new leader of the Met may have brought some common sence to the force.

    He is just like New Labour all talk and no action and when they finaly do something it is over the top.
  6. He'll go shortly after Reid or Bliar say Sir Ian has their complete support.
  7. Why dont they get Sir Hugh Orde, now he is very good at investigating his own Force!!!!!!!