Blair sends 500,000 Army rations to Katrina victims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Up_In_Arms, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Well, that's 500,000 less for us to eat :D
  2. That was to stop that cheese spread from getting out.

    But seriously....he is taking the mickey.
  3. The Septics actually asked for that exact figure of ratpacks from the EU (or is it NATO?), CNN US.
    I suppose the UK just said "We can handle that one".
  4. About as much use as sending pork sausages to Saudi Arabia
  5. Saw it said on the BBC that the 24 Hour Rat Packs come with a "cooker." Now i know the Hexi Stove is issued seperately and is not included in the Rat Pack, but one thought crossed my mind. You cant use Hexi in an enclosed/ non ventilated area. Now some one has to remind supposedly "well trained troops" about that every time i have been on excersize... will the Yanks read the warnings in the Big red writing? Or will we get all those poor sods in the Super Dome looking forward to their Lancashire Hot Pot, asyphysiated by the Hexi as it is far from well ventilated. I can't see them all going out side to the car park to get their scoff ready? May be they will be sensible and offer central cooking/ heating up for them!
    Mind you, the Yanks will thank us, after a few days on MREs Brit 24 hour rat packs are like nectar. Now granted the Yank MREs have funky things like the mini tabassco sauce bottles and pound cake deserts, but the over all standard of the MRE is heaving! Having lived on them for 2 weeks I was looking forward to the delights of "Menu A" namely Lancashire Hot Pot!
  6. Guaranteed to be all one menu.

    And if all the folk from the devastated areas have been evacuated, who is going to get the tasty ration packs?

    Will they be shipped back here in 5 years once they are out of date? Can't wait.

  7. They won't get the hexy's. Crabs won't allow then on aircraft!!!!
  8. Guess what they're going to use to block the gaps in the levees with..........
  9. Bet they are the foriegn packs for the sikh's and hindu packs, as they were truely minging!!
  10. Almost all have now been evacuated to safe locations, The Super Dome is now empty. From the sound of it, we would have been better sending 10 Man Ration Packs for central feeding in Red Cross centres. But 24 hour packs will do the job just as well, and can be distributed in smaller numbers. I hope they know that they need to issue water as well?
  11. Boil in the bag? Means you boil it within the bag, thus not exposing it to any external pathogens. Also, boiling water for 5-10 minutes tends to kill most nasties, thus rendering it safe (ish) to drink. As for cooking equipment: they can use all the gear that they have looted. If they cannot do this, then they can eat them cold (another feature of our rations).

    I just hope that they send all the butterscotch dumplings.
  12. Haven't they suffered enough? Dumplings in butterscotch sauce and a hurricane...sheer hell
  13. At least with brit rations they wil have no idea how the food is supposed to taste for all the excotic sounding recipes in the mres
    all seem to taste of range stew :) .You have to feel sorry for new orleans residents getting mre jambalya when they should know what the real stuff tastes like .