Blair schmoozes with Sarkozy

Well I wondered where old ferret-face was going to turn up next - & here he is, maybe he wants some advice on how to trade in the old banger for a newer model (no pun intended!) :D
President of Europe :omfg:
Brown-nose... :puker:
Take him back - PLEEEASE!!!
Not_Whistlin_Dixie said:
At JP Morgan Chase.
Saw it in the Int Cell. :)
Yeah well I guess he had to find a bit of temping work until the post of EU president gets created! :roll:
Whyever Sarkozy wants him for the job beats me, :?
I thought they'd pick a Frog to make sure those obscene subsidies keep rolling in to French farmers... :money:
Speaking to the UMP conference immediately after Blair, Sarkozy described him as "one of Europe's greats" and praised his role in persuading Britain to sign up to the bloc's new reform treaty.
Well done Bliar on persuading Britain? WTF. This was not a decision put to the British people. This was railroaded through appealing to MPs greed for further political power and financial gain.

We have signed up to a political institution that has failed to be audited for 12 successful years due to widespread and systemic corruption.

Nicolas Sarkozy states:

Referendums on the new European Union Treaty were "dangerous" and would be lost in France, Britain and other countries, Nicolas Sarkozy has admitted.
Mr D'Estaing states:

In an open letter to the French newspaper Le Monde, Mr D'Estaing sought to clarify his view on the differences - if any - between two treaties.

"Looking at the content," he wrote "the result is that the institutional proposals of the constitutional treaty¬Ö.are found complete in the Lisbon Treaty, only in a different order and inserted in former treaties.."

He made clear that the purpose of the rewritten Treaty (now called the Lisbon Treaty) was to make people think the new version did not merit being put to the people in referendums.

"Above all, it is to avoid having referendums thanks to the fact that the articles are spread out and constitutional vocabulary has been removed," he added.
This video sums it up rather neatly.

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