Blair - rethink on War on Terror

The Times August 02, 2006

We must rethink the War on Terror - Blair
By Rosemary Bennett in Los Angeles and David Charter

New strategy needed to defeat militant Islam

Downing Street rift with Foreign Office over Israel

FIVE years into the War on Terror, Tony Blair called yesterday for a “complete renaissance of our strategy” to defeat militant Islam.
Speaking in Los Angeles, the Prime Minister admitted that the use of force alone had alienated Muslim opinion, and said that there was now an “arc of extremism” stretching across the Middle East and beyond. He called for an “alliance of moderation” that would combat terrorism using values as much as military might.

On a day when four British soldiers were killed by insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Prime Minister’s words were an apparent admission that the use of military force alone had failed.

His speech came amid growing Cabinet dissent and backbench unease that Britain was too readily following Washington’s lead over the Middle East.


A conversion on the road to Damascus?
Nothing of the sort, Tony was in California doing job interviews with News International this past weekend, within two years he'll be gone (yesssss!) he is however preparing how his legacy 'spins'. This statement is just part of that - like the UK / California carbon trading agreement. After 5 years of staggering mismanagement even he realises that the history books won't be kind to the 'war on terror' helmsmen.

King Tony and New Liebour only do style NOT substance, remember that style NOT substance, dead soldiers are simply a 'bad hair day' that needs message control.
Do i detect the sound of an escape hatch opening? Loved the global warming bit with the owner of the largest fleet of hummers outside the US armed forces.
The grining cheshire twat is doing exectly that - priming himself for the lecture circuit in the US. I do prefer to see it written as The War Against Terror though, as it breaks down to become TWAT just like our illustrious leader.

Go now Tony please, just make sure that Two shags goes with you.
Can anybody tell me what an 'arc of extremism' is? (Apart from a glib phrase that is), and what it might mean for UK defence policy and us.

His phrases about looking after the causes of extremism are pretty obvious and already part of our diplomatic policies. The only real difference in this speech seems to be his belief in the state of Palestine to solve international extremism (and I presume terrorism extrapolted from that). Slightly optimistic some might say.
I've often wondered what effect interfering in the running of a Country [no matter how different to how others run theirs] has on the war on terror.

It seems that Bush's familiar has suddenly tumbled it too.

It's a pity Bliar doesn't have the guts to pick up a rifle and go on a shooting holiday in Afghanistan [or Iraq].

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