Blair refuses to back Levy in Labours cash for honours scan


A friend of Lord Levy said: "Honours have to go through the system. They are only given by one person. At the end of the day [Mr Blair] is the only one who can sign off on them."

Mr Blair is reported to have contradicted Lord Levy's written account to police when he was questioned at No 10. The Prime Minister is said to have told detectives he did not have "full knowledge" of the loans or the nominations, while the peer had claimed Mr Blair did know of his dealings with lenders.

"With efforts being made to drag Gordon Brown into the affair despite his insistence that he had never formally nominated anyone, the Department for Trade and Industry admitted that it had shredded some key documents"

So, if I understand this line correctly, Blair was not fully briefed, not involved nor responsible despite arrangements generating vast "loans" (not donations of course) for his party and the generation of Honours
that only he could sign off on. Levy alone was responsible and Gordon Brown purer than the driven slush.

Of course.

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