Blair receives human rights award

What a hero the man is. He will, without a doubt, be able to charge more for his lectures now that his status on humanitie's scale has been raised.
There is no God.


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Sick. Clinton involved. Says it all.
I have neither the words nor the website the appropriate emoticons to express how ******* pissed off it makes me feel to read about that man. It's as bad as POTUS getting his Nobel Peace Prize or Al Gore getting lauded for being a lying, manipulative cnut.

The ******* irony. . .

Bill Clinton said:
"Tony Blair believes that people of faith can be people of peace."
. . Espcialy when they're amassing 000's of offensive troops at the Iraqi border to invade in the name of documented lies and US politcal pandering

The holy one said:
"Liberty is not acquired by accident, It's won by endeavour."
So are huge oil extraction, exploration and reconstruction contracts. :pissedoff:

How does he sleep at night? Total ****!
So Bill clinton puts Tony up for a gong? No doubt the Blair foundation will do the same for Bill if he runs short of an award or three.

Frankly this has all the probity and therefore deserves as much consideration as say Meridian proposing me for an award for services to looking at Seafood Porn...or perhaps Chinook's Dad nominating Flashy for an Outwalting Oscar?
If he read this thread, he would have a reasonable idea though!
After the shooing and eggs he got at the book signing I would think he should have an idea!

But then again, he is such an egomaniac, he would put that down to a one off.

And don't forget the 60.000 quid that drops into Tony's wallet with this nice trinket.

The Pope will be making him a ******* Cardinal next.

Jesus I despair.
The Irony Gods really do exist

Blair awarded for being a man of peace what next? Hitler applauded for advancing the spirit of community cohesion?
"The Pope will be making him a f**king Cardinal next".

Absolutely Dear Sir. At least... "Something Very Important in the Vatican"... maybe a Papal Legate without Portfolio with Diplomatic Immunity so he becomes a 'Protected Personage'... but I joke really..

there's many a true word spoken in jest....
Interesting. Why though did Slick Willy give him the award? Surely it was Bush 43 that put Blair in for it? Or perhaps Slick Willy was recognizing the efforts of Blair in solving the Norn Ireland problem and jumping into the Balkans with both feet with the British Army in the 1990s to solve THAT problem (?) (when Slick Willy just wanted to bomb the place from carriers and not get boots on the ground. I'm not sure if that bombing campaign was that successful but at least we hit the Chinese Embassy & a couple of wheely bins. Ooops ) :p

And don't forget the 60.000 quid that drops into Tony's wallet with this nice trinket.

The Pope will be making him a ******* Cardinal next.

Jesus I despair.
Fully agree, Bliar will think he's flippin Moses next the tw@t!
Well, if Our Tone ever feels the need to take hisself off Stateside and ask for political asylum... at least he knows he will get a welcome from Mr and Mrs Billary....
Hope the medal is as big as a frying pan and if he wears it in public another more satisfying and functional use may be found for it by someone living in the real world .

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