Blair Quits - General Election Called!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SCoy, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Ha, got you.

    With all of this debacle going on, it got me thinking about who I would vote for if an election were called tomorrow.

    Assuming Lab= Brown, Con = Cameron and Lib Dem = Campbell who would you vote for?

    I don't think Brown would make a good PM, although he might focus more on domestic issues.

    Cameron has talked a lot, but that is what he is paid to do in Opposition, and remains unproven. Plus, Labour were still voted in despite the controversy last time.

    Are the Liberal Democrats more than a collective of single-issues, and good local councillers?
  2. you naughty naughty boy
  3. The press (for it is they who wield a disproportionate influence over floating voters) seem to have conveniently forgotten that Liabour clown parade of 1997 was condemned by journalists all over the country because they had virtually no experience or a single coherent policy to their name - they just banged the sleaze drum as hard as they could.
  4. Peter Hain's put himself forward for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

    Full story here.
  5. Dunno... But I'd bet a pretty penny that the next Government will be Labour....Again.
  6. I can't see anyone from the working classes voting labour again, problem is, the main parties are all the same. Cameron appears to be a Bliar clone and the Lib Benders are a joke.

    Interesting to note "Other" is in second place.
  7. Did a straw poll thingy on the telly during the week about "Should Blair Go?" and I know these things can be skewed but there was a good few of the folk saying what a wonderful man they thought he was... Best PM since Churchill was mentioned by one old dear. I's say it's very far from being a cut & dried issue that they're going out next election...
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Judging by the way the poll is going we can count on the Labour luvvies in the MOD to make sure that the Service voting is screwed up like last time......
  9. You *, I thought that was the real deal.

    Got to be Conservative. No other option.
  10. Brown has already made budget reports grow from being a 300 page single volume in 97, to several thousand page multi volume affairs in the last 10 years.

    For no discernible benefit (aprat from more tax)
    The Man cannot resisit fiddling and tweaking and breathing like a bloke doing front crawl!

    If he gets in every government departmentto fiddle with expect every tree in the amazon to quiver in fear of the amount of paperwork this bloke will generate.
  11. does not matter as the * are ALL out for themselves & too screw US over.
  12. Now Harman has put herself forward for Deputy Leader! Hahaha. Haha. Ha. 8O