Blair provides response to Road Charging Petition

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Biped, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Road Tolls.

  2. Better, more roads.

  3. Better roads with less obstructions.

  4. All taxes levied on fuel - the bigger the motor, or the moe mileage, the higher the toll.

  5. Reduce the cost of public transport.

  6. A combination of all the above, including road tolls.

  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    By saying that firstly he is allowing local authorities to go ahead and introduce some form of it anyway, irrespective of the voters or parliament so that local authorities can make even more money out of us, and then he's going to pretty much go ahead with it anyway nationally. In the same breath, he says that road pricing is not being forced on anyone?!??! He also says the local schemes will improve transport in the local areas concerned; Parking Services done that has it - er, no, it's just put a load of cash in the coffers of the local council who haven't spent it on improving parking or the roads, in fact pretty much every local council has further restricted parking so they could make even more money - has anyone seen almost empty kerbs in their town out of peak hours because the residents are all at work, but nobody else can park there (Residents Only).

    He says they are spending sed loads more money on transport than ever before. Why is it then, with all this investment, that the roads in most towns resemble tarmacced dirt tracks with the pot-holes to boot? Why is it then that the cost of a rail ticket has gone through the roof? Apart from 5 billion pointless road signs, road humps, speed cameras and parking attendants, where the hell has this money gone?

    He tries to fob us off by saying that i is at least ten years before it is technologically feasable for such a system to be put in place! Why then are local authorities and by his own admission a few other countries doing it RIGHT NOW, or have done so already? He says it will be ten years before it is politically do-able - what a lying cnut! Why then is he allowing local councils to do it NOW?

    He blathers on about new technology coming to his aid in introducing road pricing, just like it's done for the NHS - would that be the 'new' patient database system that has cost billions, is years overdue . . . and doesn't work.

    He say it is not a stealth tax! So what is it then? The gummint is going to PROFIT ie: gain money from something that offers no tangible benefits to the road user or the tax payer. Pushing traffic on to A & B roads and country lanes does not improve anything at all. It will just make ALL the roads congested. He says they'll spend the money on improving the roads . . . will he? What's he done with all the money they get from fuel duty, road tax, parking fines etc? F-All because most local roads are in a lousy state and you can't see what's ahead becuase you are too busy looking at a plethora of pointless road signs, speed bumps, speed cameras, narrowing strips and swerves in the pavement. Not to mention looking fr pot-holes that might smash up your suspension, bushs, wishbones still further. The driver no longer has time to look for pedestrians or the road ahead.

    He says that they will not rush in to a national pricing scheme. This is correct, he will rush into getting 'local authorities' to do it instead. By the time 'national' pricing gets mentioned again, it will be a fait accompli.

    He says that this gummint respects the privacy of the voters - why all the CCTV cameras then? Why the national I.D. card scheme which will include fingerprinting and interviews - all accessible by the police.

    Not to mention the fact that all local authorities, health authorities, parking attendants and any other civil servant from park attendants upwards will be able to access our personal medical records, our I.D. card records and more.

    He doesn't explain how exactly charging us for mileage is going to reduce congestion in peak times. People go to and from work and school during peak times. They will still have to when they are being skinned alive by a new charging scheme. Congestion will only go down in off-peak times, but the gummint will still make vast amounts of money.

    He doesn't explain we the gummint STILL isn't charging a fuel duty that will not only cover mileage used, but the size of the vehicle (if 4x4's are so guzzly, they'll sell less). Truck drivers could get a rebate. Mrs Brady Old Lady will pay next to bugger all over the year because she does less mileage, but Johnny Fast-Boy in his company car driving up and down motorways all week will pay more. With such an increased fuel duty, there will be no need for road tax or pay-tolls on roads, or big-brother spying systems.

    He says he wants to build a concensus on the best way to proceed. Well 1.8 million signing a petition is part of that concensus.

    He throws into the debate the issue of pollution!!!! Well, pushing cars around to smaller roads with more stop-start driving and longer journeys whilst not reducing the volume of traffic one jot is perhaps not the best way to deal with it. Nor will a punitive tax on 4x4 vehicles considering that modern 4x4 vehicles do 30+ mpg anyway.

    I would humbly suggest that he can stick this email up is lying arrse while he gives consideration to lowering public transport prices and forcing the car companies to move quicker o their development of both hybrid and dedicated hydrogen technologies.

    The bloke is an utter cnut, and his party is full of utter cnuts. :frustrated:
  2. my reply was ....
    Mr. Blair,
    I do not believe you or any of your assurances.
    Why would I believe someone who gave misleading information and reasons for taking this country to war and who directly has the blood of tens of thousands of innocent children, women and men who have been injured or killed as a result of your actions?
    The sooner you leave office the better for this country.
  3. Dear Mr Blair
    Many thanks for your email. Unfortunately as you have lied in the past, your assurances are worth less than spit.
    Yours sincerely certain you are a total cnut.
    R Hamster
  4. I didn't even get a reply.... but it seems like I didn't miss much.
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Great election promise for the opposition - just promise to cancel it if they get in.
  6. Like he cares, this is just lip service, he'll be out of there by the time any of this will start to get put in place, so like he gives a fcuk. If it does come in, it wont be during his time so he can deny it was anything to do with him!
  7. Do you really expect it to be cancelled if the opposition (if there is actually a viable one now) get in on the next election, after all the poll tax was brought in under Thatcher and when Labour came to power they did nothing except increase the tax year on year. Now you will get taxed higher because you live in a nicer area. They are all as bad as each other. Don't forget there was riots under Tory control. I lived just up the road from Brixton at that time so remember that well. Its not which party that gets in as they all lie and any project slated to put into effect normally goes through even in a change of leadership as for them its still revenue.

    Its funny the only PM that was slatted as being boring and wimpy as John Major but in truth under his control nothing really made peoples blood boil over policies made, where as Thatcher and Blair seem to just infuriate the public. I have always wondered what the UK would have been like if Neil Kinnock stayed as leader of the opposition, I never saw him as a person that would suck up to the Yanks as much as Blair or nearly as sycophantic as Blair and that horrendous attention seeking bint of a wife of his.
  8. Just look at his time in the EU trough, even Glynis joined him, showed his true colours then, wank3r.
  9. Nowt wrong with Thatcher, gave me a job, but then again I was willing to work and not strike................ Ouch
  10. I am not saying Thatcher was all bad as she had backbone but eventually she lost touch with the general public and ignored public opinion to her downfall much as Blair is now doing. As far as Kinnock, I am not saying he would have made a good job as leader but he never came across as someone who was totally absorbed with image as Blair, you just had to look at him to realise that!

    It seems the old phrase "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" is so true. Like I said on another thread they are civil servants , its about time they started acting like one. If they are worried about media ratings maybe they should find a career in television and get someone who really wants the best for the public and the country as a whole to be in government. Too many of them are more interested in lining their own pocket than care about the people they serve
  11. If they apply the policy that they are suggesting by charging by the mile travelled etc there will inevitably have to be some exceptions to this, emergency services, military (maybe). Then we will get the MPs stating that they should not have to pay and eventually with a little soft soaping and a few backhanders there will be many that get around the charge. This will mean that the average person will foot the cost, but then there will probably be a projected income which cannot be possibly met and the average person will have to pay more to compensate for the blaggers who have circumvented the taxing.
  12. Absoloutly, nowt corrupt as a politican. Maybe its time to give a smaller party a go..... thinking on it, can't think of a viable one apart from the Greens, bless them they would have a field day regarding cars tho, LOL.

    Seriously, the big 3 are virtually all working off the same song sheet now, it all boils down to who will actually have the balls and will act on the following:

    1. Immigration
    2. Stop overseas aid
    3. Give power back to the police to do their job
    4. Hammer the criminal not the victim
    5. Chuck the Human right act out of the top story window
    6. Do what the British want not what Europe wants
    7. Bring back the right for discipline in schools
    8. Allow smacking and cuffing of earholes on horrible oiks
  13. Therein lies the problem, democracy died some time ago,we just have the illusion of choice. If they all "sing off the same hymn sheet" then have you really a democracy? One thing should change, it should be compulsory to vote, so many people just didn't bother and left less than half the country voting on what everybody had to tolerate.

    There is an alternative and that is more ordinary people stand for election and form an alternative. There is enough people with the same views that could unite but the system makes people feel that they can not take the lead. Its part of social conditioning. There are many people that could do a far better job than the people presently in control. A slow process granted but without even trying that route what else is going to happen? Another bunch of self serving liars will seize control and make life miserable for everyone. They only can win if you let them and there is certainly plenty here that could do the job far better than any politician.

    There are two ways to change situations, by public voice or by working on the inside to effect that change. I am sure now if a Joe Public stood up for election in each borough supporting the views of the public and had integrity they would be sure to be voted in as their is no choice at present.
  14. I think UKIP follows has some of the above as the main planks in their manifesto and BNP of course had the hard right policy which is not too surprising
  15. I haven`t either, although this reply is similar in context to the absolute pack of lies about National ID Cards I recieved in extolling how it secures personal liberty and freedom. Quite the opposite actually. He even threw in a bit about Al Qaedi. Shame it won`t help in his search for WMD though.

    This party is beneath contempt.