Blair promises to deport extremist preachers

So how soon will the government start? Sad day when it took a massacre to get Billyliar to realise that it is these evil men who have given the go ahead (in the minds of those perpetrators) that its OK to carry out such atrocities and that they would end up in haven if the took out a few Christians.

Will this include the tw*t coming to England paid for by the Met to talk on Race relations as he is a suicide bomber expert.WTF. He has given his blessing to many suicide bombers by default by stating that it was Ok to do this.

Rant over...

Except first time anybody hears any radical spouting off his (Cr*p) call the police and keep calling until the offending tw*t is back in his country of birth or if born in UK first choice of hell.

Any left wing tree huggers can go with them to wipe their arrse.
So Ian Paisley will be out within the week then?
Even the Italians are being more pro-active on this, 175 arrested in a 'Sweep against Islamic groups' according to SKY, obviously not worried about losing a major voting block then!!
Works in Germany too. They discovered that most radical preachers didn't have German citizenship, so they simply used immigration law against them (agitating against the constitutional order).


Just put them on the bloody aeroplane already , don't seem to have these dramas with Zimbabwean refugees one jump ahaead of the secret police do they?
Letterwritingman, Sorry to say but the Italians are as bad as the UK for "not " getting rid of these scum.

Just because a law has been written in the Italian Judicial system does not mean it will be carried out. Read a few books by Oriana Fallaci post 9/11. She is a speaker of the truth but the masses do not hear. Was a good looker too and has crosses swords and pisse* off a few might folk in her day, Kissinger, Ali Bhutto and even Ayatollah Khomeini.

She warned the police in Florence about the Arabs defecating and urinating behind the Duomo. Saying that if the police did not move them on, she would fire bomb them the next day.

Police were seen moving them on...

As my post indicates, Talk is cheap - lives lost cannot be replaced.

I just hope that BillyLiar does what he promises for once.
Can't claim this as my own - but when it was announced a huge noise was heard.... that'll be the stable door slamming then (no horse left in there by the way)....
I imagine Neue Arbeit will start with extremist christians, i.e. those who believe in God and not in gay bishops. they will then work their way though judaic, hindu, buddhist and Sikh preachers - obviously having checked the swing vote by constituency, before focussing on the "odd couple or three" of Muslim gobber-offs.

Any attempt to vector the forces of Law and Order onto known ranting imams will be met by a fierce resistance based on incitement to religous hatred and racial equality laws. Sadly the average Islamic terrorist doesn't apply for an FAC or Shotgun Certificate; otherwise the full weight of the constabulary would swing into massive hammer-to-crack-a-nut mode...

cynicism is next to pragmatism!
I kept out of the comments on the London Bomb as weeping and wailing plus the comments of Politicians who should have done somthing but just drew their wage really gets on my tits.
'Blur promises to deport.'
Is this the same politician we know and luv.
The Torygraph got me wound up with its comments on how well Blur had handle himself. Blur is at his worst at times of adversity, he goes to pieces. Oh give him a day or so and he or someone, gets a grip of him, but as a nation leader he is not up to the job, he couldn't lead a squad where instant on the spot decisions where required.
I can't see anyone getting deported to another country where there is a risk of death. Whilst Bliar may say it, the Courts willl dismiss it.
I'll believe it when I see it, the government seems to have a hell of a problem deporting any ethnic minorities they are so concerned about offending racial groups they can't get anything done. As opposed to 'risk of death', what so we can't send them home because they might get locked up and executed so we will let them stay and continue to be terrorists/extremists over here because it wouldn't be very PC?
WhiteHorse said:
I can't see anyone getting deported to another country where there is a risk of death. Whilst Bliar may say it, the Courts willl dismiss it.
Spot on.
This is why Finsbury Park is infested with GIA scum. We can't send them back to Algeria because they will have electrodes attached to their goolies and / or be executed. The Algerian government would like to do this to them for the very same reasons as we do not wish to have them here. What a lot of sense that makes.

If such people are unwilling to subscribe to our civilised values then I question the appropriateness of extending to them our civilised rights - rights which they would not have back home. You should not be able to pick and choose which parts of the Living in Britain Package you wish to adopt. We are giving house room to vipers rather than casting them back into the flames outside which have driven them in to us.

Extremist preachers are the best intelligence asset going. Them and their followers are wired, watched and monitored better than the crown jewels and getting rid of them would be a piece of idiotic tokenism - that, unfortunately, being the reverend blair's speciality.
Thats all very well, but they really didn't help us out a week ago.

I was watching some rubbish on the TV last sunday & there was an extremist preacher video'd in the UK. He was ranting about how 'the enemy were being killed in Iraq', then quoted the number of british soldiers (the enemy) killed that day. He then went on to rant about how 'the fight must be brought closer to home'!

Why the fcuk is this man still in the UK? Is this not treason? This kind of thing is extremely dangerous & young (misguided) people are obviously listening to him. The security forces have been watching him for a while, but i'm sure they could be just as (in) effective if he were elsewhere?

Needless to say, but the end of the programme I was raging!

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