Blair promises more for troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chalky, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Here

    With a promise of extra equipment, a pay review and word from the man on high itself, could the fortunes of HMAF be about to change?

    Dare we allow ourselves the smallest sliver of hope and optimism?

    Dare we dream that the day has come when our PM appreciates us?

  2. Chalky mate any chance of a cut n paste, no bbc here
  3. We won't see any change until president B-Liar fcuks off!
  4. Last kick of a dying horse?
  6. Good to see the BBC being accurate with their facts..... :x
  7. Have already fired off an editorial complaint. Idiots.

    Edited to add: It's now been corrected.
  8. Still not talking about the hospital issue properly, casually brushed off again some things never change.
  9. Hardly matters what he says. He won't be running the show for that much longer.
  10. What he says and do's are two different matters.
  11. Don't forget folks,this is the bloke that was elected on lies and this was the bloke that took us to war on lies.So who the hell is gonnie trust him now?Labour have never ever given the armed forces a decent wage or conditions.It has been 'cut cut cut' with them for decades,any more cuts and we will be sending the cadets and salvation army to trouble spots around the world.DON'T TRUST THE EEJIT ONE BIT!
  12. and there's the clue ' in this day and age' when Tony ' not a straight word comes out of my mouth' Bliar has committed British forces all over the place to boost his US speaking tour price tag, he insists on wounded servicemen being treated by 'his wonderfull' NHS.

    This is all going to be spin control, they have identified that this is now an issue with the voters and are laying smoke.

    Lads do not ease springs, keep the pressure up, in fact increase it.
  13. Pardon me ignorance,but have you guys ever thought of kicking out the incumbents and voting in the Conservative party? Seems to me everyone is always talking about replacing the individual politician and not the machinery that keeps him spinning.
  14. We think of it all of the time mate, Bliar has subverted his own Party so badly that come the next election most card carrying members will vote elsewhere.
  15. No and no.

    Might I refer you to the PM's previous promises. (Education, Edjucation, Ejukashun; Tough on crime; I'll personally get immigration under control; No rise in taxation; Saddam has WMDs; The NHS is safe in my hands etc etc etc). If this guy said sky is blue and grass is green, I'd be suspicious.

    What the PM appreciates is that the government's mistreatment of the armed forces is causing significant outrage which is hurting Labour in the polls. The abused paratrooper incident and subsequent stories of wounded squaddies in bunk beds at at Selly Oak has brought things to a head. He's now attempting to defuse the situation by making a speech that everybody will have forgotten about by the elections in May.